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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Real Men Wear Pink

Real Men Wear Pink


Why do some men look good in pink, or for that matter any pastel color, contrast?

Typically the more masculine the guy the greater chance he looks better in soft colors. I know some men don’t like to wear soft colors because they think it makes them look wimpy. That’s a personal viewpoint. However we’re going for contrast here, therefore soft colors on a dark hair and skin make the person stand out more. The opposite would be true for guys with lighter hair and skin. It’s the contrast between the man’s features and the color that make him stand out. The color accents the person and balances out the masculine energy.

The opposite would be true for a woman. A very feminine women looks good in masculine attire, it balances out the female/male energy, while some women in masculine attire can’t pull it off.

It’s the Ying and Yang principle. Balance the energy. I think that’s one of the reasons men and women are attracted to each other. Ever notice that when one of them is strong in something the other one is not? As partners, they’re balancing the energy between the two of them.

It doesn’t just show up in relationships but also work. A boss will hire the person who best fits the need. In other words, the area that needs filling will balance out the business so that it functions more efficiently.

Contrast helps balance the energy. It’s saying that as spiritual beings we’re always trying to balance the energy around us. It could show up in the people we’re with, our environment, work, or even the kind of clothes we choose to wear.  We aren’t consciously aware of where our spirit is at but it’s instinctively trying to put our being and environment into alignment. However, sometimes our conscious mind tries to fight it by saying it doesn’t want to do that. That’s another story.

Ying and Yang, Karma, call it what you will but your spirit is always working at achieving balance whether you’re aware of it or not.

Therefore, perhaps the struggles and challenges you’ve had in your life are just your spirit trying to balance itself out.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What Cell Phones can Teach us About Faith?

What Cell Phones can Teach us About Faith?


Telephones still amaze me.  You can dial a number across the world and in just a few seconds you’re connected.  Amazing!  It just baffles my mind how Alexander Graham Bell even had the thought that it was possible.  Look at us now!

How about radio?  Who knew all those radio waves were always around us just waiting to be tapped. Makes you wonder what else is out there to be discovered.  We’ve probably only scratched the surface.

Combine the two and what have you got – cell phones.  Who today doesn’t have a cell phone, not many? They’re everywhere and being used for all sorts of things.  How many applications do you have?

They’re getting to be so common and such an integral part of our daily lives that some people can’t live without them. Teenagers practically can’t communicate without them. If they’re not talking on them they’re texting, listening to music or playing a game. They’re taken for granted.

What confuses me about some people is how they can grasp the concept of everyday technology that they can’t see or understand yet question the existence of a higher power because they can’t see, hear or feel it. They need proof.

Does everything have to be proven first to be believed? Science is an avenue for proof.  It’s the mind saying convince me or to say that it’s right. Technology is the vehicle for the possibilities.  It’s the concept put into physical form.

You can’t see radio waves but we know they do exist.  It’s evident in the cell phones we use every day. In fact we can have various types of information transported by using a different frequency.  We know that carbon monoxide can kill you but we can’t smell it. We know there are sounds that the human ear can’t hear but other animals can hear them. Why then is it so hard to grasp spirit? Seeing, hearing and feeling aren’t a prerequisite for believing.  Sometimes you just know something is right because it feels right.

Intuition is like that.  It just feels right.  It directs you to do what’s best for you. You can’t see it but you can hear it if you pay attention to it. It’s not about proof but about trust, it’s trusting yourself enough to listen to what’s best for you.  It’s having the faith that it’s coming from a higher power.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

All is One

All is one. What could that possibly mean?

From a quantum physics point of view it is. We are all one and the same from the tress to the tiger to the crunch of sand beneath our feet; once you break it down we all come out to be the same thing – light.

And what is light but energy. Everything around us is made up of energy. Of course to the naked eye it doesn’t appear that cement or a wooden chair has energy but it does. Under a microscope there is movement but it’s very slow. Even a dead plant has energy otherwise it wouldn’t decompose. It dies, crumbles and melts into the earth. The energy never dies it becomes something else. In this case the decomposition of the plant has provided food to other living organisms and the process just keeps repeating. It never stops. The human body is the same. Beyond the molecular the common and final ingredient in all life forms in the universe is light. This means at its core everything is the energy of light. Some light shines brighter than others because of the frequency it holds, nonetheless it’s all light. We are all one and the same when we’re broken down to our minute core element.

The question then becomes what is light? I’m not referring to the bright light of the sun but the kind of light feel good light that illuminates acceptance and unconditional love.  It’s a warm shining light that emits goodness. It’s the light, thus energy, of our Creator and we are all bit of the Creator. 

We all have this light within us. Every living thing within the universe has this light, this bit of light reminiscent of the Creator because it is of the Creator.

In the big picture that means we are all One. We (universe) are all One with the Creator. How cool is that?

Now here’s another thought to think about. If everything in the universe is made from the Creator it only stands to reason that we all posses the ability to communicate with each other in some form. But how to we communicate from a light level? Universal consciousness perhaps!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Celebrate What Unites Us Not What Divides Us

Celebrate What Unites Us Not What Divides Us

As world events reflect, we remain far from mastering the art of human relations.  We have invented no technology that will guide us to the destinations that matter most.

After two world wars, the Holocaust, multiple genocides, and countless conflicts, we must ask how long it will be before we are able to rise above the national, racial, and gender distinctions that divide us, and embrace the common humanity that binds us.

The answer depends not on the starts or some mysterious forces of history; it depends on the choices that you and I and all of us make.” ~ Madeleine Albright


Nothing tears people more apart than pointing out what separates them from one another rather than what binds them.  Take any natural disaster and suddenly nationality, race, gender or political affiliation doesn’t matter anymore.  People unite for the common good of solving the problem at hand.

As the saying goes, “Where attention goes energy flows”.  When you focus on what divides us, even more things that divide us will come to mind. Things that you didn’t even give much thought to now rise to the surface and become important simply because you put your attention on it.  However when you focus on what binds us you can actually feel yourself becoming more calm and relaxed. Try it.

I’ve traveled to many places around the world and for the most part everybody is the same. They want the same things out of life like raising a happy and healthy family, finding fulfillment in their work and being able to worship in their own way.  There are things that are understood in any culture like laughter and compassion. These are the things that we should be focusing on instead of our differences.

The real kicker is you and I have the power to bind us rather than divide us by the choices we make every day.  It could show up in what we do or say.

Make the call.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Remember to Enjoy the Ride

Remember to Enjoy the Ride

I remember watching the movie, Father of the Bride, in which, Steve Martin, who played the father was in a tizzy because his child’s play was falling apart in front of the audience’s eyes. The children forgot or said the wrong line, they were in the wrong spot and the set was falling down. He couldn’t handle the chaos.

On the other hand his wife sitting next to him was smiling and laughing along with all the other parents. They were enjoying the children being who they were - kids, kids who make mistakes and do silly things.

What a difference in perception! One person is visibly upset while the other is having the time of her life. A lot of things are like that. How we react to them is a matter of our own perception.

As a parent I can get very frustrated, stressed out and exhausted from raising a child but at the same time I wouldn’t change a thing.  There are just too many positives from watching her grow up, the funny questions and remarks make me laugh. Actually just watching her be herself makes me smile inside. Her ups and downs have brought excited jumping to crying on my shoulder.  It’s been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. And let’s not forget the heart-felt hugs that have melted my heart. It’s been quite a ride so far. I hope I can hold on although I do have a fondness for roller coasters. I think this has been the best and longest ride yet.

I’m enjoying the ride.

How about you? Do you have ups and downs in your life too? Sure you do.  The thing to remember is that you always get through them, don’t you? Each one has given you a new experience to put under your belt. A slap on the back is in order because you made it. It’s taught you something and hopefully made you wiser.

What I find interesting is that most people who’ve been through a lot of what I’d call down times say they wouldn’t change a thing about their past because it’s made them who they are today. They wouldn’t have met the people they did or learned a lesson from the experiences they had if it had been different.

What message does that send? To me it tells us to enjoy the ride.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Paying Taxes? Good! You’re Making Money

Paying Taxes? Good! You’re Making Money

The first time I heard that phrase I was a little taken aback. Who wants to pay more taxes? If anything, people want to pay less. In fact, most people look for ways to get out of paying as much taxes as they can.  They look forward to receiving a refund and plan on how they’ll spend it.  I use to be one of them.

But then I realized the statement was true.  If you’re paying taxes you’re making money and the more taxes you’re paying the more money you’re making. They go together like milk and cookies. Therefore, if you want to be rich you have to get into the mindset of paying a lot in taxes.

To expect to be rich and get a refund does not compute. To believe that you can be rich and still receive a refund goes against the law of the universe, give and receive.  In order to get something you have to give something in equal or greater value. It’s like playing the stock market, the greater the risk the greater the reward. It’s also like the executive who gets paid a lot of money, she has the greater risk and responsibility therefore she gets the larger paycheck. If she doesn’t do her job then the whole company could go under which affects all the other employees.

Ever notice that the people who pay the least amount in taxes also are the poorest? Of course you have. If you’re poor and you’re not paying hardly anything in taxes, then it would stand to reason that you would be able to dig yourself out of that state of affairs. However, that’s not how it plays out.

According to the Universe they remain poor because they unknowingly choose it. They don’t know they have the power to change their situation. They’re looking for what they can get and not looking at what they can give. It’s the old saying, what goes around comes around. In the Bible it’s referred to “You reap what you sow”. And just for the record all the main religions of the world have some form of that same saying.

Now the Universe isn’t particular on the giving part.  The giving could be something of value or your expertise or helping others in their pursuit. What it does want is for you to be very clear on what you want, believe it will happen, start taking the steps to make it happen and when bits of it start to arrive, accept in with gratitude.

If you have the mindset that you’ll always be poor then guess what, you will be. You’ve already decided that’s how it’ll be. The people who have risen from poverty BELIEVED that they would.  If you’re always looking for a program or society to bail you out then you’re not willing to do the giving part. Some people have even adopted an entitlement mentality, as if to say, the government (you and I) have to take care of them.

They don’t realize they have the power to change their reality.  Some people even afraid to work more hours or take a promotion because it’ll mean they’ll pay more taxes.  They’re not looking at it for a broader perspective.  You may just have to do that for awhile in order to get to the next level.

As for me, I want to pay lots and lots of taxes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You Should Never Grow Up

Why, because kids get it. They love themselves. You can’t love others unless you love yourself and kids instinctively know this but sadly something happens as they grow up.  It could be a well meaning adult who pops their bubble; a parent, teacher, friend or relative who puts their viewpoint ahead of the child’s enthusiasm and zest for life.   Instead of encouraging their outlook they counter with the glass is half empty scenario.  They mean well in that they don’t want the child to get hurt so they give them a reality check with maybe a hint of sarcasm or throw in a cut down which most likely dampens their dream.

Take the little girl who states she draws the best flowers. The adult may comment that it is nice but she could do better or comment that she’s being a bit arrogant which gives the child a different perspective and now it affects her outlook and self-esteem.  She’s just been given a reason NOT to love herself.  People may see her as too self absorbed and they won’t like her for it.  If this continues to happen with drawing or any other endeavor, she’ll begin to doubt herself and grow up squelching her self-love.  Of course this doesn’t happen overnight or with one event.  It keeps getting played out over and over in different situations until she doesn’t have a good grasp on what there is to love about her. Sadly it takes years, if at all, to reverse the damage that’s been done.

My daughter recently was looking in the mirror and commented on how she thought she had really big eyes and nice eyebrows.  She thought they were her best feature.  I saw her self-love for what God gave her shine through so I agreed, plus it’s the truth. 

I’m going to ask you to take a moment and think back to when you were a child. Was there anything that you really liked about yourself? You may have to go back quite a way if nothing immediately pops in your head.  Chances are its still true today.  That’s you loving yourself.  Remember that.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Too Much Structured Play is Ruining Our Children – Let Them Play

Talk to any parent and they can recall a time when they bought their child something but the child had more fun playing with the packaging than the toy. Or, the child could have made up a story regarding a set up of Tupperware, pots and pans, sand, blocks, you name it.  If there aren’t toys or games around give it time and your child will think up something to do.  It’s their imagination running wild.  Our brains are very creative and they can’t stay still for long.

Imagination is where dreams are created and realized. It all begins in the mind. First you have to have the thought to even begin to figure out how you’re going to make something happen, which brings me to structured play.  Structured play is well and good to teach our youngsters how to interact fairly with each other, however, in this effort to effectively socialize our youngsters, their active imagination gets squelched. There gets to be so many rules and regulation to follow that the children aren‘t given ample space to develop their imagination. It sometimes becomes a control issue for the adult population as if they constantly have to entertain their children.  That is nonsense.

It’s actually in the quiet self play when a child or an adult for that matter connects with who they really are. They begin to hear what their guides are telling them. They listen to the inner voice inside that tells them what advice or direction to take. 

It can happen to you to if you listen.  However, as an adult you can get so busy doing this or that you aren’t listening until something happens and you hear yourself say something like, “I knew I should have (blank) instead of (blank).” It’s when your thoughts start to wander that you’re starting to connect to your inner self.  Listen up.  Sometimes it happens when you’re doing the most mundane things like cleaning, driving or walking.  You’re mind isn’t actively engaged and therefore it’s free to wander when you’re doing a routine task.  This happens quite a lot for some people but then there are others who really want to connect so they meditate by focusing on their breathing. 

The point is when you set your mind free from active thought your imagination can really take off. Some of the best ideas come to you when you stop concentrating on what you want to create.  Children do this naturally but as we mature we tend to forget to just play. Let’s play.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create."

~ Albert Einstein