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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Your Perfect Imperfections

Yes we all have imperfections but it’s all on how you view them. Are they really imperfections or character enhancers?

In the eyes of the divine we are all perfect. It doesn’t matter if we have a nose like Jimmy Durante or the shrill voice sound of Phyllis Diller. We are perfect.

When a baby is born no matter how he turns out we still believe he’s perfect. I think it’s because deep down our spiritual side intuitively knows that it is.

I like to describe those physical aspects of a person that don’t meet society’s view of ideal as character enhancers. Come to think of it a lot of us have those. Actually, when I do see someone with the perfect face and body part of me says the person looks nice and the other part thinks it’s boring. Where’s the interesting physical trait that makes that person stand out?

I remember when Jennifer Gray got her nose fixed after the Dirty Dancing movie. No one recognized her. Her nose made her stand out. What a shame! Imperfections could also be those strange character quirks that someone has.  On one hand it drives us crazy and on the other its’ what makes the person stand out and we always remember it about the person. It’s those so called imperfections that make a person unique and stand out.

Don’t mess with perfection. The divine loves you just the way you are.

Monday, May 26, 2014

What Makes That Important?

You are making decisions all day and in the midst of all that, you are always making something more important than something else. Notice that. What are you making more important? Once you figure out what it is, ask yourself why that is. In the process you will learn so much more about yourself that you probably never paid attention to. As Pythagoras said, "Know thyself and you know everything".

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Does it Mean to be Tolerant?

Being tolerant means; showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Frankly I’m not seeing a whole lot of tolerance by the media, government officials and celebrities whether it’s about race, political views, environment or abortion. It’s become anything BUT tolerant with name calling when someone disagrees with their viewpoint. It’s downright disrespectful and it sets a bad example for the youner generation. Grow up. This isn’t junior high. What people seem to forget is when someone bad mouths another it says more about the kind of person they are than the person it’s directed at.

What comes around goes around and if you want someone to take your viewpoint seriously you MUST also be open and give them the common courtesy of expressing their viewpoint. It’s the civil thing to do. You may not agree and hold your current views but now you have new information and understanding of another’s viewpoint. However, if all you want to do is bad mouth and dismiss another’s viewpoint than don’t be surprised if you get the same treatment.

It has to end sometime. Be the bigger “tolerant” person.

Monday, May 19, 2014

What Would You do if You Only had a Few Months to Live?

You'd probably list all the things you want to do in your short life; Do the things you've always wanted to do, say the things you've always wanted to say but for some reason it never materialized, be the person you only thought you could be. Why not live it now? If you were going to die in a year you would have lived everything on that list. Now that you know you have your whole life before you, you may as well spend your whole life living what you want. That is the most valuable list you could have.

What is really important to people when they are facing the end of their life? The answer seems clear: they have lived according to their core values, meaning how much love did they give and receive in their life. They also, wanted to feel somehow that the world is richer for their presence. Don't we all want that? What would we do if only we gave ourselves the time and authority? How much of what we truly wish for ourselves do we pursue? And do we have to be on our death beds to know what's important?

What's your purpose? It’s your map and guide to finding the answers to all these questions.

"One Purpose", Richard Jacobs

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bring Back the UNITED in United States

Which would you rather be united or separate? There’s a reason the United States are called the United States. Separate territories united under a common philosophy of how they wanted their new country governed.

Image if that had not happened. What if the original 13 colonies had become individual countries each with its own government and infrastructure? What would the continent look like then? What if the U.S. never purchased the Louisiana Territory? The U.S. would be more like Canada but with a much larger portion of its citizens speaking French. I could go on about the Indians and Mexican territories but I think you get the picture. Our whole country would be different. The U. S. would instead be more like Europe with whole countries the size of one of our states possibly speaking another language.

Instead our forefathers had the foresight to realize the beauty and power of having all the territories come together as a whole. They knew this country would be stronger if it were united instead of separate, which brings me to my next point. There seems to be a tearing apart, to make separate, or highlight differences more in the media and from people of influence than there is to bring people together. This, in my opinion, is a disservice to the country.

What brings people together is their commonalities like the philosophy set forth in the Declaration of Independence or the safety of our children. There will always be differences between people, to be sure, but they can be overcome when people find common ground. It’s the core fabric of our nation. When the World Trade Center towers were destroyed many people came together to support and help out however they could. Everyone now has a common experience to share with others that will bring them together. Just like people remember where they were and what they were doing when Kennedy was shot, people will remember 911 the same. “Where were you when the towers went down”?

Early immigrants came here for various reasons; freedom of religion, the opportunity to own land and thus create a better life, to escape tyranny, to keep the money they earned.  They left their family and friends and risked everything for a chance at a better life. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy but knew it was going to be worth it. They came from many different parts of the world, each with their own cultures and language. But you know what? They all adapted to their new surroundings. Over the years they eventually learned to get along and speak the same language, they had to if they wanted to succeed.

It’s the commonalities that unite us. It doesn’t matter if your black, Asian, Spanish, gay, Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Pro-life,  Abortion Supporter, women’s rights or environmentalist, in order to be a strong nation we have to stay united. We MUST! Our forefathers understood that. Let’s not blow it.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Heaven is Real

It’s anything you want it to be.

Several years ago my Mom introduced me to a book called, “Embraced by the Light” by Betty Eddy. It’s about her near death experience. I was so intrigued with her story I bought another book of hers and a DVD. It also heightens my awareness to search for other books on the same subject. I was like a child in a candy store. I couldn’t get enough of it. There are many books on the subject but you have to search for them.

It was like a light went on and I remembered a pre-earth experience of my own that I had shrugged off as I got older as childish nonsense. How refreshing it was to have an explanation for it. Whew! It wasn’t a weird dream. I’m not crazy.

This search for the unknown spiritual world eventually led me to The Secret, Abraham Hicks and the Light Collective. If you don’t already know, The Secret is based on the channeling of Abraham by Ester Hicks. It’s all about the Law of Attraction. You can read books or watch You Tube videos on it. My main focus though here is on the Light Collective who is channeled by Kathryn Harwig.

Quite awhile ago someone asked the question to the Collective about heaven, is there such a place and what’s it like. The Collective doesn’t give out the details like we’d like, I wish they would, but this is their response. They said that heaven is a place but that it is hard to describe. They stated that a movie called “What Dreams May Come” is the closet our human race has come to describing it. Of course I watched the movie as soon as possible. It stars Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Based on that movie and the other resources I’ve cited, heaven can be anything you want it to be. It is real. You get to create the ideal heaven for you. If you believe you should pray all the time then that’s what you’ll do until you get tired of it and decide to do something else. If you envision mountains, rivers, trees, flowers and waterfalls then that’s what it’ll have. How perfect is that? That’s my understanding of it thus far.

I suggest you keep an open mind while gathering all the information you can from the resources you find.  It’s a mysterious journey where no one has the answer and won’t until we pass from this dimension into the next. What an adventure!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Pursuit of Happiness

Nothing strikes me more than this phrase from the Declaration of Independence.

What does it say? It means that previously the people who immigrated to the U.S. weren’t allowed or given the opportunity to pursue what made them happy. We know what it is to purse and but how do you define happiness.

Each person has their own definition of what happiness would be for them. It could be raising children, running their own business or even watching TV all day long, to each his own.

However, you can’t talk about pursuing you own happiness without mentioning freedom. The underlying essence of pursuing your happiness is having the freedom to choose what makes you happy. In order to do that, you need opportunities to choose from, again freedom. To pursue, if you don’t have the freedom and opportunity, there won’t be much pursuing going on.

Let freedom ring. It’s written all over our Declaration of Independence. One can only imagine the struggles our ancestors went through to crave the freedom that our government documents provide. They wanted it so much they essentially put up a road block in any way that government could control the people again. Let’s honor their struggles and hardship by maintaining the essence and intent of those wise documents. Let freedom ring!

Monday, May 5, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Spring is here and along with it comes all the planting of different types of gardens. My garden has always been flowers. For years I wasn't very good at it but then a friend gave me a few tips. The one I couldn't understand was that I had to prune and dead-head in order to make the flowers bloom more. You see, even if one of my plants was on its death bed, if it had only one flower on it, I'd try to revive it. When my friend wanted to prune it I went nuts because then there would no proof left that I could actually grow something.

As every good gardener knows, pruning and dead-heading actually redirects the energy of the plant from trying to revive it, which is a losing battle, to redirecting the energy to new growth. Mmm... Aren't people sometimes like that?

We can spend so much time and energy working on something that isn't going to work out any better than it is now. It would be far better to cut that tie and redirect our energy into something that would work so much better. Companies do this all the time. When they see a product or service that is no longer as popular, they may keep the products that are the top sellers and then eliminate the rest. In doing so, they now have the energy and resources to develop and sell a new product.

In relationships you may have people that you really like and would like to become even closer to. However, as the relationship develops you discover that the other person isn't as willing to take it to the next level. Instead of trying to push this person into a relationship they're not ready for, it would be better to leave this person as an acquaintance/friend and move onto finding someone else who is better equipped to fulfill your needs.

How does your garden grow? Do you need to do some pruning?

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What’s Your Purpose?

We are all fundamentally the same. We all want peace, loving relationships, a sense of meaning and truth in our lives, and to feel in our autumn years that the world is somehow richer for our presence. So where does this sense of fulfillment come from? And do we have to wait until it's nearly all over before we realize what is truly important to us?

What's your purpose? Lets you find answers to these questions, by helping you to define and live what are most important to you. Purpose is a focus, intent. What's your Purpose? Asks you, what do I intent to give to the world? Do you wish to leave this planet with things untried, undone and unsaid? In our heart of hearts, each of us wants to live life deeply in Integrity with who we are and our highest vision of the world. Every time we go against this deep sense of knowing and "rightness" we eat away at our own energy source and we become compromised human beings ... someone who has settled for less than their best, who has become jaded, tired and believing more in limitation than in possibility.

Purpose is the acupuncture point of Integrity. When we live it, everything that is meaningful to us, our values and our highest beliefs come into alignment and we become the expression of the best part of ourselves.

"One Purpose" by Richard Jacobs