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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We’ll Never Run Out of Oil

It’s impossible. The Law of Attraction won’t allow it. We think about oil all the time.  Every time there’s a news report to scare us about the shortage of oil there’s an even greater conscious collective ensuring that it still exists in one form or another.

That’s the power of the Law of Attraction.  It continues to create that which it’s fed.  There are just a far greater number of people who wish to continue to use oil as we know it versus those who are forcing the issue of alternative fuel.  To force the issue isn’t allowing the natural order of the universe to work its magic.  The economic theory of supply and demand is using the natural order to create the oil too.  Thoughts become things and right now the majority of the thoughts are on producing more oil.

Now that’s not to say that alternate fuel should be banished, it just hasn’t reached its natural order of evolution.  It’s time will come.  

History has proven that when something is needed, all thoughts tend to go in that direction and suddenly, if by magic, what has taken years to research and develop suddenly becomes a reality. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

We could take a clue from nature.  It’s always in perfect harmony.  Through the millions of years that our planet has existed it’s always contained the same ingredients of water, dirt and plant life. Sure some plants and animals have come and gone but those that have remained have adapted to their surroundings and branched out to form new species.  The ones that died out served their purpose for that time period.  Nature continues to evolve but remains in harmony with itself. 

Why wouldn’t our situation be the same? Do we force alternative fuel or do we let the natural order of evolution run its course?

Supply and demand really does work.  It should be applied to our economic environment as well. Therefore bailing out institutions and companies because they got themselves into a bind is messing with the natural order of the Law of Attraction. Don’t be surprised if those same companies fail again.  Maybe they were meant to fail in order for something else to be created.  Remember nature is always in perfect harmony.  When a species dies out it’s because it hasn’t learned to adapt. Why wouldn’t companies be the same? The ones that do remain for years are those that have learned to adapt.  Did the bail outs just prolong the evitable, your thoughts?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Turn the Table

Turn the Table

Turn the table is a term used most frequently used in the restaurant industry as the act of moving from one set of customers to another on the same table.  They need to turn the table as in how many times they can service the table with new customers.

You also can turn the table in your own life. Sometimes you have to just to turn the table and move on even if you haven’t come to a conclusion or closure in your relationship or career.  It can be a difficult decision to make because so often you want some type of closure and there just isn’t one coming.

It’s the times when you stay in a relationship hoping that things will change for the better or the career path you’re on just isn’t panning out.  Most often when people look back at those times they wished they would have made the decision to move on a lot sooner.  Fear of the unknown is what keeps a person hanging on.

There are so many ways to say it, move on, get over it, get out while you still can and turning table is just another way. When the taste for the endeavor already leaves a sour taste in your mouth you should have already turned the table otherwise you just end up building up resentment. And who do you have to blame for that, yourself for not moving on sooner?

Are you in a situation like that now?  Trust your gut feelings and do what’s best for you.  It’s the only way you’ll feel good about yourself.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Want to Have a Green Thumb?

Have you ever notice that people who are really talented at growing plants talk to them?  I always thought it was just coincidence until I made the connection between Professor Emoto’s Messages in Water and the amount of water in plants.  If you’ve never seen the video go now to view it.


The message basically states that positive words and music has a profound effect on water crystals by producing beautiful or not so pretty crystals based on the type of words taped to the container or music played nearby.  When you take into account that the earth is 70% water and so are humans then what kind of effect are the language and music you’re listening to having on your body?  What effect does the word “love” tattooed on someone’s body have versus “hate”?  His work indicates that positive language is much more powerful than negative.  

It’s no wonder that people who talk to their plants have much better results.  Plants after all are mostly water too.  When a person talks to their plants they’re saying good things like how beautiful it looks.

Yep, I think Professor Emoto’s work confirms what those in the know already know; a positive outlook has more energy behind it and therefore produces better results.  Another way to say it is “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”.  That’s something to think about the next time you want positive results.  

Guess all those wanna be gardeners out there better start doing some sweet talking if they want to see the fruits of their labor, me included. Oh and, I better mind my language too.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Searching for Mr. Right

Women and men will go to great lengths searching for their Mister or Misses Right, their soul mate, as if there were only ONE person on this whole entire planet that is right for you. That would be a cruel God and its just nonsense.

What if your Mr. Right lives on another continent?

What if that person has just passed on?

What if that person is just being born?

What if that person is already married, then what? Are you doomed to a life of unhappiness? Hardly!

If that were true, look at all the happy partnerships that end in death only to be reborn again in another partnership. It’s not the same but then it never could be.  There are too many facets to a person’s personality.  Where on one alliance brings out some attributes another taps into others.  It’s a mixed blessing, the end of one but the beginning of something new, a new adventure.

A soul mate is a person’s spirit that one feels completely combatable with, as if they were made for each other.  It’s the Ying and Yang complimenting each other.  There’s a deep connection.

However, every spirit (soul) belongs to a soul group and that group is very connected. So much so, that they show up around you in your friends, family, neighbors, community, co-workers and relationships.  You are connected to these people for a reason. Have you ever met someone and felt an instant connection with that person but you never met them before yet some how you’re very comfortable expressing yourself?  It’s as if you’ve know each other for a long time?  Well, you have.  You’re both in the same soul group which can consist of thousands of spiritual beings.

Therefore, the good news is there isn’t just one person for you so keep looking.  Don’t bypass someone just because he or she doesn’t fit your ideal mate.  Instead be aware of any connection you feel.

(Source: Light Collective - Kathryn Harwig)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Do You Vote for WIIFM?

Sure you do.  We all do from time to time.  What is it? It’s taking a position on an issue that has been first filter through your own social, economic, race, religion, gender etc and then basing your vote on what’s in it for me (WIIFM).

Let’s face it.  It’s very difficult to base a decision entirely on an objective point of view when the decision directly or indirectly affects you.  The emotions can be too strong to make an objective decision.  You would need to take yourself out of the picture and view the issue on a higher level with no regard to the outcome.  It means being totally objective and doing what’s best for the whole of society not just what’s good for you.  It’s looking at the issue from a broader perspective. 

However, I’d like to note that sometimes helping a few (companies, agencies etc) actually ends up helping out more of the masses in the long run than vice versa.  To understand which would be the better decision you would need to be well educated and informed in that area.  All too often it’s the loudest voice that is heard which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the viewpoint to base your decision on. You need to do your research and listen to all view points.  More important, you need to discern between the rhetoric, emotional positions and the facts in order to find the truth. It’s taking the emotion out of it and making a decision from an objective point of view no matter what affect it will personally have on you.

If you want our country and world to be a better place the love of it has to be greater than what is in it for me.  What is the greater good? It comes down to what are you making more important?

Most people want what’s best for their country but the conflict arises on what it’s to look like and even more on how to go about making that vision a reality. Currently there is no clear vision that the masses have bought into.  There is a great divide and therefore the country will have a difficult time moving forward until a vision is laid out that the masses can really rally behind.  Only then will the Law of Attraction be able to take hold.