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Friday, August 27, 2010

I See You - Do You Really?

I love that line from Avatar, “I see you” because it goes far deeper than just the surface level of seeing. It means I see you for what is your true spiritual self. How much better the world would be if everyone would see the true intention of others.

The teenager wouldn’t be so upset at his parents when he gets denied access to the car because the parent’s true intention is to teach him that safety comes first over the cell phone or being cool while driving. They do this out of love. They do it because they want him to be safe.

To “see” someone as it refers to here is to see someone for who-they-really-are. That would mean not seeing race, color, sex or creed etc but seeing the person’s true identity as white light of pure love, their essence. That’s deep.

The problem is that often times people will get caught up in the surface stuff like not believing that a woman can be a good boxer or that a guy can be sensitive and still be a man. There have been far too many stereotypes, assumptions, and social stigma that have pigeonholed people into being and doing things they truly don’t’ want to do nor are comfortable being. Why, for the sake of fitting into a predetermined pattern that has been developed for years, maybe even centuries. Why were they developed and why do they continue? My best guess is two-fold. One is that it’s become tradition and the other is that some people just can’t handle things being different. They are comfortable with the status quo.

However, when you put pressure on people to conform to your standards you’re messing with their Free Will, the will be to who-they-are. Perhaps you may not like who they truly are but more like you never really knew who-they-are. Of course it goes the other way too. You do have Free Will to be who-you-are but are putting pressure on yourself to conform to others standards. Hmm…

Your challenge is to see someone for who-they-are. It could be the person in the wheelchair, a person of a different race, creed, or sex than you. Look past the surface and see the essence that glows within

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get Yourself in for an Alignment

Just like your vehicle periodically needs to an alignment, so do you. What is this alignment? It’s getting yourself in sync with your divine self.

Your conscious mind is likely in charge of what you should or shouldn’t do or be. However, to align with yourself you have to listen to your higher self. Why? It always wins. You can fight it as much as you like but in the end you won’t achieve happiness until you align with your higher self.

When you’re feeling out of sorts with yourself or things just aren’t going the way you had hoped, it typically means you’re out of alignment with your divine self. Let’s be clear about “going the way you want” kind of attitude. Take notice if it’s something you’re ego wants or what your higher self craves. This is important. No matter how hard you want it, satisfying the ego will not get you into alignment.

“The relationship between you and your Source is the most significant relationship of all and unless this relationship is understood, all other relationships cannot be fully understood”.

How will you know when you’re in alignment with your higher self? Basically if it feels right, it is. Your emotions are the prime indicator of how well you are connecting with you higher self. Negative emotions and thought patterns take you away from Divine Source while positive emotions bring you closer.

Here is what Abraham (Esther and Jerry Hicks) has to say about connecting with your Divine Self.

“You came as physical extensions of Source Energy, understanding that you would explore contrast, causing expansion not only for you but for All-That-Is. And you knew that, at all times, even while you were reaching into uncharted territories, the Guidance from within would not waver, but would remain a constant signal of Well-Being that you could reach toward and find at all times. You knew that under all conditions, you could find your way back to the resources of your Source by “feeling” your way – by understanding that the relationship between you and You is not one of separateness but one of alignment and resonance…. When you master the Art of Allowing your consistent alignment with the Source within you –every other relationship will be beneficial and pleasurable”.

The Art of Allowing has to do with accepting what is happening to you without attaching negative emotions to it. It means concentrating on the positive aspects of the change versus the negative. For example, you lose your job. It would be far better to focus your energy on pursuing a career you really want and cherishing the additional time you get to spend with your family then to focus on how badly you were treated or money woes.

You can check out more about the Law of Attraction by reading the many books that Esther and Jerry Hicks have published.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What is the Perfect Form of Government?

There are many types of government to choose from and lately there are some who believe the US should shift from a Republic to more of a Democracy or Socialism. What is the best?

According to those who channel the spirits; Abraham-Hicks and The Light Collective, we are spirits having a human experience. We are here to learn. It could be that you’ve come here to learn how to speak up for yourself, learn how to listen, love yourself. In fact, you could have several themes that you are trying to learn from. The one thing that both sources say that is behind it all is that you have free will. That means you are free to choose whether or not you want to go along with whatever is happening in your life. For example: Are you learning to speak up for yourself or choosing not to? Have you learned to love your handicap and how overweight you are or are you choosing to be angry at the world? There are hundreds of examples that I could list but you’re probably wondering what that has to do with government.

If free will is at the core of learning from our experiences then it’s only logical that freedom should be part of our government. So what is the perfect form of government according to Abraham?

“It would be a government that allows you freedom to be or have as you want.” However, that will come only when there is an understanding of how you are getting what you are getting. Government, for the most part, has become one of rules and regulations primarily established to protect one of you from the other of you. “When you come to understand that you invite through thought, then you will not feel so much need for all of that restriction, and then your government can be established as it was begun –more to offer services rather than restriction or control.”

What is Abraham referring to here? They are referring to the Law of Attraction. Our thoughts bring about our outcome. If you are focused on debt and unemployment, then that is what you’ll get more of. If you find someone irritating, you then will go about observing and collecting evidence to support your view without taking into account the other 90% of the time the person is quite nice. It’s all a matter of perspective. You can learn more about the Law of Attraction from Esther and Jerry Hicks. The movie, The Secret, was taken from their channel work.

Oh and by the way, no one makes you angry or irritates you. You make yourself angry and irritable.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Your Greatest Challenge Gives You Your Greatest Growth

Oh wouldn’t it be great if everything was handed to you? Any want or need satisfied. Wait a minute…..that would be boring!
Sure, no one likes to have challenges but they will give you the greatest growth. I’m not referring to the challenges you greet with anticipation like the challenge of going to college or competing for a position. I’m referring to the challenges you don’t want like being around others who cut you down or ignore you. What makes that a challenge and what could you learn from it?

You can put up with it or develop the courage to do something about it. When someone cuts you down or ignores you, you have the challenge of speaking up for yourself. Once you learn how to do that, it’s no longer a challenge for you.

If you look back, some of your greatest challenges have also produced the greatest self growth. If you had not risen to the challenge you would have never learned the lesson you needed to learn. What’s interesting is that if you don’t learn from your challenges, you will continue to have them over and over until you do. They might show up in different forms but it still is the challenge you need to overcome. It’s like the guy who keeps marrying someone with an addictive personality. He divorced his wife that’s an alcoholic only to marry other women who is addicted to pills or work. Same brand, different model. Everyone else can see the similarities but the guy who is actually emotionally involved in the situation. Therefore, when you find yourself in a challenging relationship or situation, ask yourself what the challenge is here and what can you do to flip it. Clearly identify the challenge and make a commitment to rise about it.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Truth Will Set You Free

I never quite knew what that phrase meant until I came upon Byron Kathie and the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks. How could truth set you free? The phrase seemed to be in contrast with its self, but now I understand.
Truth isn’t so much about a knowing as in an increased knowledge out there but of a knowing as in awareness of one’s self. It is not only that kind of awareness but then an acceptance and then a welcomed surrender to the way things are. When you can accept things the way they are be it the annoying way your friend interrupts, the irresponsible behavior of your co-worker, or the dire financial situation you find yourself in, then you are in a space of understanding the truth. It’s accepting that the way the person acts and that this is the way I am. Does it mean you must put up with it? Hardly! A better way to phrase it is that you acknowledge the current situation. You take an attitude of “It is what it is.” Other people are out of your control. You can only control your reaction to whatever is happening. When you can come to this awareness, that’s when freedom takes over. It’s a welcome sigh of relief. It is freedom from anxiety, disappointment and irritable feelings that arise when you are unable to control a person or situation.

Therefore, the saying means to acknowledge and accept the way things currently are occurring in order to be emotionally free from your negative feelings. Only love will remain. Negative feelings do nothing to move you forward, only love can do that. Love is a positive energy force. In “Loving What is”, by Byron Katie, it’s all about acknowledging the way things are and realizing that you create your own negative or positive feelings around the person or situation that is happening. It is a very good self-help book. You can check it out on my resource list at www.yourtrueheartsdesire.com

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Calling Yourself a Victim is the Easy Way Out.

It’s easy to be the victim - so easy. All you have to do is blame someone or something else for you not being or getting what you want. Basically it’s a cop out. You probably think you didn’t have choice but you did. Every choice you have made has led you to where you are today. If you don’t like where you are, make better choices.
I’m not referring to victim of crime here. I’m referring to when you blame your spouse, kids, boss, employer, friends, relative etc for your failure. Of course you probably wouldn’t refer to yourself as a victim but in essence that is what you’re calling yourself. When you blame other people or circumstances for your failures you are focusing your attention on others instead of yourself. In that way, you don’t need to take responsibility for your own choices and then can feel better about yourself. It sounds harsh but it’s the truth.

Taking responsibility for your choices is not always easy to do. In fact, anything worth having doing and being is accomplished by making the right choices and sticking to it. The rewards are great when you do it.

Take the kid who is pressured into taking or selling drugs in a neighborhood riddled with gangs. It would take courage and perseverance not to conform to that lifestyle. In order not to conform, the child would have to make a choice that no matter how much he is pressure and ostracized he would stick to his higher principles and not be swayed by the temporary lure of immediate gratification. More specifically, the more clarity around what you want to be the better choices you can make to get there. It is when you are unclear about what you want that you tend to allow others to influence the decisions for your life that are better served when you make your own choices.

Try it and let me know how it works out for you.

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