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Friday, August 27, 2010

I See You - Do You Really?

I love that line from Avatar, “I see you” because it goes far deeper than just the surface level of seeing. It means I see you for what is your true spiritual self. How much better the world would be if everyone would see the true intention of others.

The teenager wouldn’t be so upset at his parents when he gets denied access to the car because the parent’s true intention is to teach him that safety comes first over the cell phone or being cool while driving. They do this out of love. They do it because they want him to be safe.

To “see” someone as it refers to here is to see someone for who-they-really-are. That would mean not seeing race, color, sex or creed etc but seeing the person’s true identity as white light of pure love, their essence. That’s deep.

The problem is that often times people will get caught up in the surface stuff like not believing that a woman can be a good boxer or that a guy can be sensitive and still be a man. There have been far too many stereotypes, assumptions, and social stigma that have pigeonholed people into being and doing things they truly don’t’ want to do nor are comfortable being. Why, for the sake of fitting into a predetermined pattern that has been developed for years, maybe even centuries. Why were they developed and why do they continue? My best guess is two-fold. One is that it’s become tradition and the other is that some people just can’t handle things being different. They are comfortable with the status quo.

However, when you put pressure on people to conform to your standards you’re messing with their Free Will, the will be to who-they-are. Perhaps you may not like who they truly are but more like you never really knew who-they-are. Of course it goes the other way too. You do have Free Will to be who-you-are but are putting pressure on yourself to conform to others standards. Hmm…

Your challenge is to see someone for who-they-are. It could be the person in the wheelchair, a person of a different race, creed, or sex than you. Look past the surface and see the essence that glows within

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