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Monday, December 31, 2012

Change Your Mind and Change Your World

The title is a lyric from a song by Sugarland.  It’s very short but extremely powerful.  It means by YOU deciding to change your perspective or mindset on a viewpoint, person, emotion etc will literally change your world.

Simply put, you take any situation you find yourself in; stuck in traffic, loss of job and find the positive learning experience in it.  It can be difficult to find something positive about losing a job but here are some positive points.

§  I really wasn’t happy there anyway.

§  This gives me an opportunity to take advantage of some programs out there to update my skills.

§  I’ll find something better because I’m a talented person.

§  Maybe now would be a good time to pursue that career change.

There is always something positive to find in any given situation, you just may need to look harder to find it. Even when you’re in an argument it could be that you’re learning to stand up for yourself.  When you’re stuck in traffic it could be that now you have time to listen to that tape or CD you’ve been carrying around.  Someone you know passes away and you realize what you learned from that person, appreciate it and decide to be more like them.

Every moment of your life you have the power to decide whether to be happy or sad. The influence of those around you need not negatively impact your experience. You are the creator of your world and therefore it’s up to you to decide how YOU will view it.

Change your mind and change your world.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I Don’t Want to do this ANYMORE

That’s what I believe middle age people start saying as they get close to retirement. They come to realize that what they’ve been doing all those years wasn’t giving them the joy they had envisioned but mainly helping out the entity they worked for.

It happens to quite a few workers out there.  They choose a career based on pay, benefits, location upward mobility hoping one day they reap the rewards of their struggle only to find out they forgot to factor in if what they were doing what made them happy.

Sure it’s nice to get promotions, respect, pay increases and put your mark on a project, and accolades but in the end did you really enjoy the ride? Did it make you look forward to each day? Did you really get to sink your teeth into what you were doing that you got lost in it? Did it make you feel a little guilty because you were getting paid to do what you like to do? If so, then you were experiencing joy.

If only that had been your job all a long instead of doing all the other things that came with it.

Well don’t wait till you retire to find that out. Figure out what it is that you love to do; by the way I can help you with that so get started doing it now.

You may not be able to put all your energy into it now but you can start. By the time you retire, hopefully before, you’ll be able to make the switch and get paid to do what you love to do. How great would that be?

A great little book on how to do that is Half time by Bob Buford.

Friday, December 21, 2012

The Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Defeat Boredom

Finally, the Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Defeat Boredom, Make Friends, Find Love, Trim Down, Shape Up, Discover Your Purpose, Make a Fortune, and Shine Your Light, are...

1. Take action.
2. Show up.
3. Lean into it.
4. Start anywhere.
5. Keep busy.
6. Get out more.
7. Ask for help.
8. Shake more hands.
9. Give more hugs.
10. Don't stop.

You were already visualizing, right?

~The Universe


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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Stuff That Clogs Our Brains

I always marvel at how some people can recite reference material to back up their point.

Recently I was reading an article about how the Bible states in many areas that we should be conservative in our social and economic dealings. The author cited readings from many different locations throughout the Bible.

How do people remember such things? I know it’s there but I couldn’t tell you where.  It must be a gift. Evangelists on TV, Ministers and Pastors do the same thing. The same can be said about political pundits, sports fanatics and historians.  I find it all very interesting but remembering the data is something I’m just not good at. I’m more interested in remembering the content and meaning versus the exact location of the source of material.

So is it that these people have high comprehension skills or is it something else? Personally I think it’s both or possibly a subset to comprehension.  I know people who excel at comprehension in that they understand what they’ve read and it’s meaning but remembering find tuned data such as marks in the Bible and sports stats from years gone by is a skill set in itself. As with each skill/ talent there’s a time and place for it. Obviously the people who recite such things have found a niche that fits their unique talents, and if not, maybe they need to find one.

Can the same thing be said for you? Do you have a talent out of the ordinary? Where would it come in handy and how could you utilize it?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Express Yourself

It makes you come alive. It makes you live your truth.

Expressing yourself can come in many forms besides speaking. You likely have a way of expressing yourself but don’t think of it as expressing yourself in a creative way. It shows up in how you dress; groom yourself, what vehicle you drive, how you decorate your surroundings and even how you greet people.

What, if any, tattoos do you have? Are there stories to them? How about gardening? Do you have a garden for plant or for food? That says something about you.  Do you have a hobby that gets to showcase your unique talents, like woodworking or quilt making? How about the decorations in your home or man cave? Is it full of sports stuff, nature pictures, and family photos or are you into artistic features? These are forms of expressing who you are.

With every color you choose to wear to the way you arrange your surroundings says something about you. You’re expressing yourself and you don’t even know it.

Some people are so good at expressing themselves that all you have to do is walk into their home and glance around at what they like and value to get an understanding of what the person is like.

Which brings me to my next point; you are a walking expression of who you are. You can’t help it. You’re constantly creating and therefore expressing who and what you are. You don’t’ have to be a singer, artist, musician or writer to express yourself. You do it naturally. Who knew?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What if you gave 100%?

I was reminded lately with the last election the value of 100%.  In some precincts there was 120-140 % voter turnout. Now I’m all for voting but even my 11 year old daughter questioned the numbers, try explaining that to someone who is learning math!

Those numbers basically devalued what 100% actually means. That’s like a teacher saying that the highest grade you can get is an A+ but then handing out A++ and A++++.  It’s very confusing and makes the A+ worthless.

Now translate that to your own life. What does 100% mean to you as a person living to their fullest? There is no 110 or 120%. The highest you can go is 100%. What is that for you?

To me it’s giving and delivering absolutely everything you have, no holding back.  It’s putting your heart, soul and physical being into something. No regrets. No excuses. Can you do that? Have you ever done that?

In today’s world, what would happen if you gave 100% in your relationships, career, children etc at the moment you’re involved in it?

Often times in a relationship or job the person will say they’ll give 50% and expect the other entity to give 50% thereby reaching the 100% mark. What if instead each gave 100%? What kind of result would you expect then? Imagine for a moment that all day long when you’re at work you gave 100%. When you got home to your family you gave them 100%.  Let’s not forget about you. When you give yourself some space to recharge you make sure you also get 100%. What kind of life do you think you’d have then?

With great risk come great reward

You risk your heart and soul for a great relationship, job and children. Granted sometimes things don’t work out but then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you gave it your all. No regrets. There can’t be any because you did absolutely everything you could. You gave it your all.

Let’s try reclaiming the value of 100%

What say you?

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Youth Today Love Themselves – What’s Wrong with That?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, I think this generation more than any other has finally come to terms with their true self and begun to publicly display their own love of self. That’s not a bad thing but a good thing.

They likely aren’t even aware of it but with every picture they post of themselves on Face Book, Face Time or through a text they are demonstrating how much they like/love themselves. Check it out for yourself. There are far more photos of my daughter on her phone than anyone else. Perhaps it’s because of the technical advances but I also think self perceptions have changed.

For centuries people have denied or played down how much they love themselves. It could have been through society pressures or for religious reasons but the result is the same.  It’s very difficult to find joy and happiness around you when you can’t love what’s inside you first.

In order to become who you are born to be, in order to live your truth you first need to love and respect yourself. Love your perceived flaws as well as your great talents and gifts, it’s a package deal.  With great risk comes great reward. With every gift comes a challenge. Love them all.

Remember with the next click of the shutter the person is in essence saying to themselves, “I like/love what I see and I love me”.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Key to Your Success

Education? It certainly helps but that’s not it.

Connections? Again it helps but that’s not it.

Money? Nope.  

It’s the internal conversation you have with yourself that manifests itself through your thoughts, words and ultimately your actions. It’s the conversation you have with the people around you.  What you think, feel, and believe you can achieve is verbalized constantly. Therefore, if you want to be successful your thoughts, feelings, and language must match that success level as if you’re already there. We create our world with our thoughts and words.

But how do you go about doing that you might ask. You can start by changing your everyday language to become the powerful positive force you wish to become. You may not be aware of it but our language is filled with many negative words which then creates that what we just said we didn’t want.

Our brains are a positive producing organism which means that is doesn’t process negative commands. Your unconscious mind cannot process what is not.  It simply responds to the key words you give it. Children under seven are inclined to respond like the unconscious mind.  Tell a child not to touch something or not to drop something and what do they do, touch it, drop it?   

Here are some examples of what I mean and how to change it.

1. Its hard becomes - It’s not easy – It’s easy.

2. I’m broke becomes - I’m not rich – I’m rich.

3. I’m afraid becomes - I have no courage – I have courage

4. I’m sick becomes - I’m not very healthy – I’m very healthy

Here are some more common expressions that should be changed to more high energy positive language.

No problem – Thank you

Problem – Opportunity

Bad/Difficult – Challenge

Trying –Working on

Failure – Learning experience

If – When

Don’t’ /Can’t – Will

Undecided – Choice

Strange / Weird – Unique

Now let’s see if you can catch yourself in time to change your language to more high energy words.

It starts by changing how you think. Eventually with enough practice your actions will start to mimic your language. As a side benefit, you’ll notice that you’ll start to feel happy about life in general. It’s a win – win scenario for your key to success.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wake Up!

Have you ever found yourself driving along a familiar roadway and suddenly realize where you were and thought to yourself, “Did I remember to stop at that stop sign?”
That’s sometimes referred to letting your mind wonder, zoning out or drifting. Don’t get stressed out about it. You’re not the only one it happens to. We all tend to lose our conscious awareness of what’s going on particularly when we’re around familiar or uninteresting situations.
Let’s face it. It’s difficult to be fully conscious at every moment all day long. But it’s when you’ll discover how alive you really are because you’ll become totally engaged in the present moment.
Being conscious means to synthesize, organize and direct our thoughts from the “how” you are “what” you should be conscious of in your mind.
There are ways to determine to be more present and therefore more conscious of your surroundings.
a)   Be conscious of your thoughts. Ask yourself where you should focus your thoughts right now.

b)   Be conscious of your physical and emotional now. What is your energy level and how shall I feel right now.

c)   Your behavior speaks volumes on which you are and dictates your results in life as well as how others feel about you.

d)   Be conscious of others. Imagine what it would feel to be in their place and what kind of mindset does the other person have.

e)   What is your progress? Are you moving forward, taking the necessary actions, managing your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and relationships that will help you progress and grow?

f)    Be conscious of the present moment. It means being fully aware and attentive but at the same time you release yourself from any expectation. Be at peace with and fully present with what is.

g)   Be conscious of coincidence and intuition. There are no coincidences and trust your gut instinct. It’s your personal survival mechanism.

h)   Finally, live in wonder. Remind yourself what it was like to be a child and marvel at all the life going on around you.
Eckhart Tolle has a few books out on accessing the present moment but I’d like to recommend two others. “Loving What Is” by Byron Katie, is a really good book about learning how to see the beauty in what is. The other book, “The Precious Present” by Spencer Johnson, is a short story you can read to your children but it’s a lesson for all of us.
Let me know how these books work out for you.
"I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one who must walk through it” ~ Morpheus from The Matrix

Source: The Charge by Brendon Burchard

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Top 10 Things About Time and Space from The Universe

The Top 10 things about time and space is that most people seem to forget...

10. You chose to be here and you knew what you were doing.
9. There are no "tests" and you're not being judged.
8. Everyone's doing their best, with what they know.
7. You already have whatever you're looking for.
6. You are of the Divine, pure God, and so is everyone else.
5. Religion needs spirituality; spirituality does not need religion.
4. You're naturally inclined to succeed - at everything you do.
3. You happen to life, life does not happen to you.
2. Order, healing, and love belie every moment of chaos, pain, and fear.
1. Following your heart is the best way to help others.

The truth shall set you free,
The Universe
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Tally HO!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Clues From the Universe

Clues - signs you get them all the time. They’re there to let you know which direction you should take. The problem arises when you’re not always hearing or seeing it.

So what are these clues that you keep missing? They’re the initial thoughts that pop into your head telling you do this or don’t do that.  Sometimes you listen and sometimes you don’t.  You can call it your gut instinct, a knowingness or intuition.  Like any instinct such as the fight or flight response it’s there to protect and guide you.  Its only concern is for your well-being, be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. It’s the direct line of communication to your life force. How awesome is that!

Now all you have to do is listen to it. It takes practice.  Typically you’ll get an initial thought and bypass it by consciously disregarding the message as being invalid, nonsense or not making sense.

In reality it’s you inner protection gauge and it comes from a place of your personal authentic awareness.  It’s your spiritual side stirring you in a direction that’s best for YOU.  Your challenge is to listen to it and to start heeding its advice.  After all, it’s just you wanting to shine by being your authentic self.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Ultimate Goal

Is it a new house, fast car, great career, a healthy life, the love of family and friends, the respect of colleagues and the inner knowingness that you made a difference?

What if I told you it’s all of those things yet none of them?

You see the ultimate goal isn’t a person, place or thing. It’s a way of Being.

It’s such a simple word yet people will go to great lengths believing the ultimate goal is a person, place or thing only to find out that once the goal is achieved an emptiness take over and they’re off again looking for that three letter word.

It can be found anywhere if you take on a perspective of gratitude. When you are grateful for the growth you experienced with a set back as well as the happy positive experiences you’ve had you will have found the three letter word.  And what is this three letter word that everyone is seeking and yet keeps slipping away?

JOY – yep joy.

What you should be asking yourself when you go after that person, place or thing is “Will this bring me joy?

You must ask yourself, “If I lose this person, place or thing will I still be joyful? Will I be joyful that I had this experience even if it doesn’t work out or doesn’t last?” Be in the moment with that person, place or thing. Grateful for the experience it has brought. And if and when it ends, be grateful for the experience because it let you live your life fully.

Choose to be joyful no matter what the outcome.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Living Out Side the Box

I’ve never really like the term “outside the box”.  I didn’t know I was in a box but I guess that’s the point. You don’t’ know you are until you start thinking differently, viewing the same criteria but from another angle.

Now there are ways to get you to think outside the box - by accessing your right brain.  You can do something physical like run, play a sport, meditate or just take a walk.  Some people can access it by reading, painting, writing, listening to music or having an enlightened conversation.  Figure out what works for you. 

You know you’re accessing your right brain when out of the blue the solution to a problem you’ve been working on suddenly pops into your head and Ka...BAM there’s the answer. This has happened to me many times. I’ll be sitting at my desk working on a solution to a problem and not getting anywhere with it yet I can feel the answer is just eluding me.  I decide to take a break. I get up from my chair and take a few steps and ka...BAM the answer suddenly pops into my head. Four seconds ago I was stuck and now I have the answer.  Amazing!

But how do you go about living outside the box? The box represents your comfort level.  In order to live outside it, to excel and become what you know you can be, you need to have the courage, strength and perseverance to continue to grow.  And you know you’re growing and expanding your world when the thought of doing something makes you a bit scared yet excited at the same time. It’s what takes you to the next level. 

People don’t just fall into their greatness.

People don’t become fulfilled by playing it safe.

People succeed by their growth spurts, each one elevating them higher and higher to greater outcomes until one day they stop and realize it was all the little things that made them who they are.

I know living outside my own box is not always an easy thing to do. For me it’s much easier to fall back into the comfortable business aspect of my business instead of expanding my spiritual aspect.  It’s a conflict of interest.  My spirit says to speak my truth while my natural talents want me to fall back into the to-do list of running a business.

Guess who wants to win?

My spirit continues to push me to live outside my box.  I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit scary and uncomfortable but I’m getting so much more out of life. How about you?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Focus on What You Want

As the U.S. Presidential election draws near, there tends to be a lot of discussion and comments on the past and the present in relation to the future. And therein lays the problem in achieving our desired outcomes.

In order to move forward and create a better future, there must be more talk about the vision versus where we are.  By painting a picture in our minds of the vision that’s possible activates the Law of Attraction on a broader spectrum. Imagine not only just a few envisioning a brighter future but masses of people envisioning the same one?

Each time a positive thought enters your mind or a word in uttered about this vision, the masses start envisioning how it would look in their world. The wheels of imagination start spinning and soon actions start taking shape bring the vision into reality and WA...La, there you have it. That’s how it’s done. That’s how it’s always been done.

You first have a thought. You then start to build on it by creating in your mind how you could make it happen.  You ask around and get other people’s opinions and do some research. If it looks good you start gathering the materials or people necessary to make it happen.  At any point if it isn’t going as planned, a new thought arises to create an alternate scenario in which to still keep your ultimate vision intact.

It all starts with a thought that creates a vision.

As a country the people need a vision to focus on where they can visualize a brighter future.  They need to be able to paint the picture in their minds so that they can start to take action on it. They need the Law of Attraction to work for them.

Monday, October 22, 2012

What Makes a Good Leader?

As populations increase and cultures and people become more diverse, more issues and problems face us more than ever before. Many people assume these problems and important issues will be taken care of by government but this assumption is becoming less and less of a reality. Many of the critical issues and problems are the kind government is least equipped to handle. And some of the issues and problems are caused by government itself.

This is why the world needs strong, competent leaders now more than ever before. Progress can only happen when someone assumes a leadership role – when someone tackles these problems and takes action to solve the problem and correct the injustice.

There are plenty of managers out there but what propels someone to leadership status? What is it that a leader has that a manager or an authority person doesn’t have?

We tend to admire people who can lead-people who can capture our imaginations, turn us on to important ideas, and recruit our energies for great and noble purposes. Progress happens when someone decides that a better way exists and influences others to find that better way.

What is it that these great leaders had while many others try and fail?

There are leaders who are followed because they have authority, they have a formal title or rank and command respect and attention like Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and George S Patton.  People follow them because they are the boss.  On the other spectrum there are people who are leaders who have earned their leaderships status without a title. They are respected and followed for what they stand for like Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and Mohandas Gandhi.

In all cases, these leaders were individuals who knew how to influence others. They understood people and they knew how to use the tools of authority. Of course the ideal way to influence is to have both formal authority and earned authority. Interestingly, it is common for a person with no formal authority and high earned authority to have greater influence over others than someone who has high formal authority but little or no earned authority. Just look at what MLK, Mother Teresa and Gandhi accomplished. They earned the respect, trust and allegiance of those who followed them. In retrospect, can you say the same thing about the bosses you’ve had, your government officials or even the Presidents of the U. S.?

Today leaders are being asked to provide a new kid of authority; service leadership. This viewpoint suggests that the role of a leader, no matter what type of authority is involved, is to lead by helping or enabling others, not by forcing them. It requires the capacity to lead both with a focus on service to those benefiting from the end result, and to those who do the work achieving the objectives. Such leadership requires working with a spirit and set of values that emphasize worthwhile contributions. Service leaders see their role as enabling or empowering others to accomplish something worthy. They are willing to place empowerment above personal power; contribution above their own ego satisfaction; and the needs of the team above their own needs for credit and acclaim.

With that said, how many people do you know who qualify as a leader? Are you a leader?

Source: Toastmaster International –High Performance Leadership

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses – ENOUGH already!

Excuses keep you small. They keep you from having a fulfilling life, reaching your goals and ultimately achieving the happiness you so desperately deserve and crave.

Every excuse keeps you from becoming all you can be. It’s fear rearing its ugly head and stopping you in your tracks. It casts self-doubt in your abilities and knowledge. It really serves no purpose but to keep you staying small and comfortable in your current position.

Why! It’s easier to find an excuse than do what’s necessary to achieve your dreams. The problem is by not facing your excuse, thus fear, it can have a snowball effect.

If you don’t do your taxes on time because you know you might owe money you’ll end up owing even more money because you didn’t pay your taxes on time.

There is also a physical and emotional by product of making excuses. Deep down you know you should take action but the very prolonged in-action can cause anxiety, restlessness, depression and unexplained outbursts because you’re holding the disappointment of yourself inside. Fear exhibits itself in procrastination and indecision.

The best course of action is to confront the excuse and take action on it. Be it a job, weight, project or a relationship problem confront it by making a decision and taking action on it.

Another way to think about it is how would you feel if everything you’ve been meaning to do and be came true? How would that make you feel? How would you show up in the world?

Would you feel relaxed, free, like the weight of the world had been lifted off your shoulders? When you blame others as your excuse it gives them power over you. You’ve just given them the power to dictate your outcome whether you’re aware of it or not. You’re essentially saying that this agency, group of people, history and society is the cause of you not achieving your goals.  It keeps you from taking responsibility for your life and keeps you small.

You can remain small in your excuses or you can take control by taking responsibility for your own outcome. Only then will you truly be free.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mistakes, Missteps, Regrets – They’re Memories Made

There is something out the ordinary about experiencing major setbacks and disappointments in your life. It’s as if when you’re not paying attention the Universe will put something directly in your path that you can’t avoid.  You must deal with it. 

There are no coincidences so it must have been put there for a reason.  Some of the most time-consuming, annoying, and inconvenient setbacks have also been the most memorable because I learned something from them or because it allowed me to explore something new.

One of my most memorable setbacks was when I took a trip to California with my girlfriend. Our plan was to spend a week in San Francisco, hit the wine country, and on one of our last days to drive through Yosemite National Park on our way to Reno, spend a day there and then fly out the following day. It didn’t go as planned.

The drive into the heart of Yosemite takes two hours. When we got there we were just in awe of its beauty. The combination of trees, fresh water creeks and rock formations was breathtaking. It was then that I decided if I could live anywhere in the world, this would be it.

We walked and drove around the area but then needed to be on our way as the drive out of Yosemite also takes two hours and we had to make it to our hotel in Reno. I always did the planning of our trips and since we wanted to see as much as possible in two weeks our time frames were pretty tight. Part way out of Yosemite our rental car stalled on the mountain side. It took hours before anyone actually stopped to ask why two young women were parked along the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. Sure vehicles went by but they were far and few between. By the time were heard them through the dense forest they had already gone by. Usually it was when a vehicle honked that we were aware there was another motorist on the road. Eventually someone going into the park stopped. They said they’d let someone know about us. A few hours later a tow truck came to bring us back to the main area.

We now had two problems. It was almost 10 PM when we arrived back at the main area and they wouldn’t be able to work on our vehicle until the next day. The second problem is we were stuck there and had no place to stay. The driver found us a cabin with community restroom facilities to use. Whew!

Since we hadn’t eaten since lunch we were starving so the driver took us to a grocery store. We had ten minutes to find what we wanted before it closed.

In a cabin with two beds and two dressers we had the time of our lives. In our haste to acquire food we neglected to get some utensils. There we were with a fully cooked chicken and no way to eat it but with our hands. We had chips, chicken and a cocktail to drown our mishap. We DID remember cups for the alcohol. We sat on our respective beds while trying to eat bare handed and laughing at how barbaric we must appear. We reminiscing and laughed like crazy. Eventually we decided to find the community restroom in total darkness. That was a challenge and a whole other story.

The next day our vehicle was fixed by noon and the tow truck driver asked how our night was. We told him we had so much fun. He then asked if we went to a certain lodge. “There’s a lodge with music!” No, we didn’t go there. Well then he figured we must have gone to another lodge. We were a bit embarrassed to say we didn’t know any of those places he mentioned and that we instead had a blast hanging out together in our cabin. He was a bit shocked.

We never got to see Reno. When I look back I don’t think Reno would have been as much fun as the time we just had.

In the end it taught me to slow down and enjoy the ride. The vacation wasn’t just about getting from one tourist attraction to another but to enjoy the scenery and the company I was with. Mission accomplished.

This is just one story I have about inconvenient setbacks that I’ve experienced. The one thing that stands out in all of them is that they may have been annoying and inconvenient but I always gained something out of it.

How about you? Are your setbacks really a mask for something else to happen in your life?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch the Wave and Ripple

A ripple effect is just what you think it is it goes on and on. Like the ripple effect of a wave of water, it can be huge like in the ocean wave or smaller like when something is dropped in some water. I like the second description better because when that happens it spreads all out from around the point of entry and then keeps extending outward.

Think of the effect someone had on you by just saying "Hi" or "How's it going" with a smile. Or when someone you didn't know let you go in front of them in line. How about the times you've had a chance encounter with someone and in the course of that interaction you both got a chuckle out of something. Doesn't that change your mood? Suddenly the muck that was running around in your brain has disappeared. You're in a different place, mentally. All someone has to do is give me an unsolicited piece of chocolate and I'm in a good mood. It's so simple. Now I'm in a better mood which causes me to be friendlier with the people I come in contact with. I then put other people in a good mood and then it keeps on multiplying - the ripple effect- its random acts of kindness. It's what makes the world a better place

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What is the Perfect Form of Government?

There are many types of government to choose from and lately there are some who believe the US should shift from a Republic to more of a Democracy or Socialism.  What is the best?

According to those who channel the spirits; Abraham-Hicks and The Light Collective, we are spirits having a human experience.  We are here to learn. It could be that you’ve come here to learn how to speak up for yourself, learn how to listen, love yourself.  In fact, you could have several themes that you are trying to learn from. The one thing that both sources say that is behind it all is that you have free will. That means you are free to choose whether or not you want to go along with whatever is happening in your life. For example:  Are you learning to speak up for yourself or choosing not to? Have you learned to love your handicap and how overweight you are or are you choosing to be angry at the world? There are hundreds of examples that I could list but you’re probably wondering what that has to do with government.

If free will is at the core of learning from our experiences then it’s only logical that freedom should be part of our government.  So what is the perfect form of government according to Abraham?

It would be a government that allows you freedom to be or have as you want.” However, that will come only when there is an understanding of how you are getting what you are getting.  Government, for the most part, has become one of rules and regulations primarily established to protect one of you from the other of you. “When you come to understand that you invite through thought, then you will not feel so much need for all of that restriction, and then your government can be established as it was begun –more to offer services rather than restriction or control.”

What is Abraham referring to here? They are referring to the Law of Attraction. Our thoughts bring about our outcome.  If you are focused on debt and unemployment, then that is what you’ll get more of.  If you find someone irritating, you then will go about observing and collecting evidence to support your view without taking into account the other 90% of the time the person is quite nice. It’s all a matter of perspective.  You can learn more about the Law of Attraction from Esther and Jerry Hicks.  The movie, The Secret, was taken from their channel work.

Oh and by the way, no one makes you angry or irritates you.  You make yourself angry and irritable.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Love Equals Caring as much as Caring Equals Love

Let’s make a distinction about love. There’s the romantic love that is felt between two people, the love of your children, family and friends. But caring encompasses a broader sense of love in that it’s the love of all that is. It’s the love of life and everything we experience in it.

We show kindness and caring to one another through the simple act of opening a door for someone, asking how someone is doing and actually listening to their response, even cleaning up after yourself so that others won’t have to deal with your mess.  These are but a few of the everyday acts of caring that we demonstrate to one another. The capacity to care and be cared for is a human strength. It’s what connects us to one another.

When you don’t demonstrate care to others consistently, life loses its color and connection. You may end up feeling less engaged with those around you. If you’re not making a point to be caring of others in your life, the people around you don’t feel cared for, love, appreciated, respected or engaged by you at the heart level. When this happens they may contact you less frequently, trust you less, buy from you less, and leave you more. It’s an easy formula to figure out: care more, connect more.

Our drive for caring, in a broad sense, makes us feel that we are safe, worthy, and loved, through our own actions and the actions of others, we are cared for.  Caring is something you do and receive.

Of all the human drives, caring seems to get the least attention. Instead, caring’s sexier sister, Love, gets all the attention, despite the fact that it’s probably impossible to feel or demonstrate love without caring.  Plus you likely wouldn’t be kind if you didn’t care. Kindness, caring, love - as you can see they’re all connected.   

We’re all hardwired to demonstrate care for others. Our brains are remarkably well equipped biologically to relate to and care for others’ emotions and experiences. What that means is our brains are built to mimic that which we see and feel in others. It’s why when you walk into a room you pick up the energy of the room and your brain starts to mimic it whether it’s a sad or happy occasion. The more we experience that state and behavior the more we start to mimic it. So if we constantly see others behaving a certain way our brains will likely tell us to mimic that behavior. It’s a key reason why kids smoke when others smoke, why infants smile when their moms smile, and why so many of us yawn or feel impatient when someone else does. We feel what we see.

Caring is more than just a nice action. It’s the basis for our human existence and experience and the foundation that makes love possible.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

5 Ways to Know You are being True to Your Self

Do you sometimes feel irritable, angry, off, frustrated, agitated or out-of-sorts and have no explanation for it? Perhaps it’s because you’ve lost sight of what makes you come alive and are living someone else’s expectations of you instead of following your own voice.

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” ~ Janis Joplin

To live in consistent alignment with whom you are, how you want to be perceived and what you want to become takes courage and self respect to stand grounded in your own space.
So how do you know if you’re being true to yourself? What does it look like? What does it feel like?
Here are the top 5 from my perspective.
1.   You stand and walk more confidently.

2.   Your are filled with positive energy

3.   You seem to have a skip in your step and a song in your heart

4.   Your thoughts and words are in sync with who you are. No disconnect

5.   You feel good about yourself as if you are finally whole and complete
If you are not in being true to yourself here are some suggestions on how to get there.
-Think more of yourself and demand that your actions be congruent with the best of who you know you can be.
-Act each day in congruence with your self-defined image so that you feel authentic, proud, complete, fulfilled and trustworthy to show up in every situation as the unique, gifted true you.
Remember your self-image is and always has been chosen by no one other than you.
Create the vision for which you can be and actually be that vision.

The power plant doesn’t have energy, it generates energy. Choose the color of your own sky.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let the Political Bashing Begin

The political season is in full swing and with it comes the name calling, bashing, insults, assumptions, accusations that we’ve come to loathe. It’s not the way that I was raised to get your point across but that’s what it’s come down to.  Basically it’s fear.  Each side will accuse and bash the other side to take the heat off them no matter if it’s the truth or not.  It sells.  People listen.  It gets votes. The thought has been put out there and soon the media can run an entire segment on a “what if, maybe or assumption.” That’s not good journalism in my opinion and I’d say EVERY media outlet is guilty of it at one time or another.

The republicans will bash the Obama Administration on its failed policies and the democrats bash Romney on his wealth.  Let’s back up a moment and take a look at this. First you have to realize that each candidate has their own unique gifts that he brings to the table because the greater the gift the greater the challenge that comes with it. The trick for each is staying within their gift because when the challenge of the gift overshadows the gift it becomes a hindrance. The gift is no longer shining and instead all that is showing up is the challenge of it.  The person has lost touch with what makes him stand out. All is not lost. He can still get his groove back when he actively weaves back into his gift. 

I don’t’ know much about Mitt Romney but his gift thus far is being able to make money. He’s a businessman and knows the ins and outs of starting, employing, maintaining and growing a business. As with all businessmen you have your ups and downs that you learn from. The market keeps changing and you have to change with it.

Therefore one of his gifts according the Core Passion code would be Power. He is the C. E O., General, and Authority figure. When in his gift he demands control. His creed is truth, honesty and results. He has the strength and courage to undertake large projects, financial risks, and the management of large organizations. He’s able to see the larger picture as well as small details. His challenge would be being intimidating and consumed by the acquisition of wealth. When he’s in his gift he’s assertive, problem-solver, good–at-management and strives for excellence. When he’s in the challenge of his gift he’d be apathetic, misdirected, apathetic and indifferent to name a few.

Obama has been in office for quite some time so his gifts are more identifiable.  He has the gift of communication, compassion, and inspiration. In other words he’s able to convince, persuade and ignite action that revolves around global issues. However, I’d say his gift of compassion is his strongest one.  It means he’s the master teacher. That doesn’t mean he has to be in front of a room to teach, he can teach by example. People strong in compassion have an inner driving force of enlightened information that they need to share with the world. His quest would be to share this knowingness with the masses. His gift would be speaking from the heart and humility and seeing beyond the situations to the good of all people. His challenge is detachment (gets too involved); setting healthy boundaries, expressing integrity in all he does and judging others that don’t share his vision.  When he’s in his gift he’s heart full, insightful and contributing. When he’s in his challenge he’s disconnected, negligent, self-important, inexperienced, opinionated, dogmatic and pompous.

To sum up, coming from a business back ground you always need a vision first, something to build your action plan around.  But neither will work without the other.  When you put the two together you have one who has the vision and one who is an action taker. Too bad we couldn’t get both on the same team. Imagine if we did have everyone one on the same team, working together for the same vision. It’s happened before and it can be done again.

Just remember no one is perfect. Each candidate has their own gifts and if you love the gift you also have to love the challenge that comes with it because it won’t always be pretty.

I hope I gave you some insightful information to help you make a better informed decision on your candidate choice. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

2012 - Shining Light on the Lies and Deceit

Sai Baba was an Avatar in India and was worth over a billion US dollars when he left his body on Easter Sunday, April 24th 2011. He almost never gave interviews, so this is very special.
This extract is from a conversation between a report and the Social and Spiritual Reformer of India, Sathya Sai Baba.
I usually write my own material but I thought this was worth passing along. It’s rather long but you need to read it in its entirety in order to get the full picture of what he’s saying. It’s a different way of thinking and one I think we as a human race are embarking on.
Sai Baba: The truth is that the planet has been changing its vibratory state, and this change has intensified since the year 1989 where the magnetic poles have moved the last 20 years more than the past 2000. Well, in one way there are several prophecies that signal this date like a term or important conclusion in the history of humanity, but the most significant is the end of the Mayan calendar, which prophecy has been interpreted in different ways. The most negative ones think that during this year the world will end, but it will not be like that, it is known that during that year a new era will start, the Age of Aquarius.

This has to do with the rotation of the whole solar system (solar cycle) that goes passing through the different eras each one of them lasts 5125 years. The era in which we now are, called the Age of Pisces, started on the year 3113 B.C. and ends on 2012. If there is a change on the earth's magnetism, there is a change on the consciousness and also an adaptation at the physical level for this new vibration. The changes are not only on our planet, but also affect the whole universe, and today's science can verify that.
Inform yourself about the changes on the solar storms (that are magnetic storms) and you will see that scientists are up to date with these things, or ask about the movement of the magnetic poles during the last years, and airports having to modify their instruments.

This change on the magnetism translates or it's perceived as an increment of light, or an increase on the planet's vibration. For you to understand it easily you must know that this vibration is affected and intensified due to the consciousness of all human beings. Each thought, each emotion, each new awakening of a human being towards the consciousness of God elevates the vibration of the planet. This might seem a paradox, due to the fact that the majority sees around themselves more hatred and misery, but this is not so.
There are many, even if I would like them to be more, that are trying to get out of darkness to grow and become a better Son of God. I have been saying this on previous messages, each one chooses where to focus the view, and those who only see the darkness are focused on the drama, the pain and the injustice. If you don't see the spiritual advancement that humanity has made it is because you haven't focused on it, but if you do the right work and liberate your mind of the negative you will open a space where you will be able to manifest your divine essence that will put on the focus of what is really happening with humanity and the planet.
Q: "Humanity is elevating its consciousness as never before."But how…Can’t you see the darkness?"
Yes, I see it, but I don't identify myself with it, I'm not afraid of it...How can I fear darkness if I see such clear light? Of course I understand those who fear, because I have also been standing where I could only see the evil. This is why now I feel love for all of that. Darkness it's not a force contrary to the light, it is absence of light. You cannot invade the light with darkness, that is not how the principle of light works. Fear, drama, injustice, hate and sadness only exist in states of darkness, because you can't see the global context in which your life develops, and the only way to see from the light when you are there is through faith. Once you have increased your vibration and frequency (state of consciousness) you will be able to see towards darkness and understand what you have lived.
Q: "But...How can you say this if there is more evil in the world every day?"

There is not more evil...there is "more light", and that is what I'm talking about on this message. Imagine that you have a room or warehouse where for years you have been storing your things and is lit by a 40 w. bulb. Change the bulb to a 100 w. and you will see what happens. You will see the mess and the dust you didn't think existed. The dirt will be clearer. This is what is happening, and this makes possible that a lot of people are reading this without thinking of it as foolish, like it could have been some years ago.

Have you noticed that today lies and deceit come to the surface faster than before? Well, to access God's understanding and life's functioning is also faster than before. This new vibration of the planet is what is making everyone nervous, depressed or sick, because to be able to receive more light and to rise to that vibrational level, people have to change physically as well as mentally, they have to change the way they think and feel, and delete or eradicate from their lives such beliefs or parameters that generally differ from reality or that take them towards the negative side of things.

You must put your warehouses in order, because each day you are receiving more light on your consciousness and even if you want to avoid it, you should start putting your hands on the project and start the cleaning or decide to live in the middle of the dirt.

This change creates physical discomforts, pains on the body, on the skeleton system and most of the time; the medical tests can't find the reason or illness that provokes it. Generally they relate it with stress or nervous states; nothing farther from the truth, because these discomforts are provoked due to negative emotions accumulated during our lives, fears and anxieties that you have carried with you always and that now have the opportunity to transcend and transmute. It's about that dust accumulated for years that you are now seeing, for it to be cleaned.

There will be nights when you will wake up and stay up for a few hours...don't alter yourself, read a book, watch TV, meditate, don't fight thinking there is something wrong with you, it's the new vibration of the planet that you're assimilating, you will go back to sleep and the next day you will not feel a need to sleep more.

If you don't flow with this process properly, the pains will be more intense and you will be diagnosed fibromyalgia, which is a name that medicine has given to these pains that have no visible cause and for which they offer no treatment with concrete results, they only give you a prescription for antidepressants and this makes you escape the opportunity to change your life.

One more time you chose which reality you want to live, only this time the drama will be more intense and of course will be the love. If the Light is increased, also is the lack of need for it, this explains why there is so much irrational violence during the last years.

We are living the best time that humanity has ever lived, we will be witnesses and actors of the biggest transformation of consciousness that you have ever imagined.

Inform yourself; wake up your unrest for these subjects. Science knows that something is happening; you know that something is happening; we all know that many changes are happening in many levels. Be a conscious actor of these changes and don't let them take you by surprise because you don't know what is happening.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Confessions are Good for the Soul

You confess all the time to your friends, siblings, parents, coworkers and even strangers.  Any time you do something you feel guilty about or to right a wrong your conscious says “I must tell someone”. It could be that you took some supplies from your work or that you said something bad about someone. For some reason you feel compelled to tell a trusted friend. Why? It makes you feel better about yourself when you can clear your conscious.
You don’t need to go to a Pastor, Priest or Rabbi to confess so you can feel better, you can do it yourself. It’s not about receiving forgiveness from someone else but about forgiving yourself. For some, confessing to a spiritual leader is part of their religious practice. What the spiritual leader does is give you a formal format and suggestions to help you allow you to forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is about allowing you to love yourself again. It’s about erasing any labels you may have put upon yourself and being nonjudgmental about your thoughts and actions. 

Sin isn’t a very good word. It has such a negative emotion attached to it as if it’s eternal. It promotes fear and primarily stops you from loving yourself. And for some it controls them. That’s not a very good way to live.

I always wondered way criminals would eventually have to tell someone what they did or give themselves up. When you look at confessing from this mind set it makes sense. They need to confess to clear their conscious so that they can feel better about themselves so they can love again. It’s a pretty messed up way to love but spiritually they need to do it.   
What are your thoughts on this?