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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Express Yourself

It makes you come alive. It makes you live your truth.

Expressing yourself can come in many forms besides speaking. You likely have a way of expressing yourself but don’t think of it as expressing yourself in a creative way. It shows up in how you dress; groom yourself, what vehicle you drive, how you decorate your surroundings and even how you greet people.

What, if any, tattoos do you have? Are there stories to them? How about gardening? Do you have a garden for plant or for food? That says something about you.  Do you have a hobby that gets to showcase your unique talents, like woodworking or quilt making? How about the decorations in your home or man cave? Is it full of sports stuff, nature pictures, and family photos or are you into artistic features? These are forms of expressing who you are.

With every color you choose to wear to the way you arrange your surroundings says something about you. You’re expressing yourself and you don’t even know it.

Some people are so good at expressing themselves that all you have to do is walk into their home and glance around at what they like and value to get an understanding of what the person is like.

Which brings me to my next point; you are a walking expression of who you are. You can’t help it. You’re constantly creating and therefore expressing who and what you are. You don’t’ have to be a singer, artist, musician or writer to express yourself. You do it naturally. Who knew?

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