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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What if you gave 100%?

I was reminded lately with the last election the value of 100%.  In some precincts there was 120-140 % voter turnout. Now I’m all for voting but even my 11 year old daughter questioned the numbers, try explaining that to someone who is learning math!

Those numbers basically devalued what 100% actually means. That’s like a teacher saying that the highest grade you can get is an A+ but then handing out A++ and A++++.  It’s very confusing and makes the A+ worthless.

Now translate that to your own life. What does 100% mean to you as a person living to their fullest? There is no 110 or 120%. The highest you can go is 100%. What is that for you?

To me it’s giving and delivering absolutely everything you have, no holding back.  It’s putting your heart, soul and physical being into something. No regrets. No excuses. Can you do that? Have you ever done that?

In today’s world, what would happen if you gave 100% in your relationships, career, children etc at the moment you’re involved in it?

Often times in a relationship or job the person will say they’ll give 50% and expect the other entity to give 50% thereby reaching the 100% mark. What if instead each gave 100%? What kind of result would you expect then? Imagine for a moment that all day long when you’re at work you gave 100%. When you got home to your family you gave them 100%.  Let’s not forget about you. When you give yourself some space to recharge you make sure you also get 100%. What kind of life do you think you’d have then?

With great risk come great reward

You risk your heart and soul for a great relationship, job and children. Granted sometimes things don’t work out but then you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you gave it your all. No regrets. There can’t be any because you did absolutely everything you could. You gave it your all.

Let’s try reclaiming the value of 100%

What say you?

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