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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stop Fighting Cancer – It’s a losing battle

In fact, stop racing too.  It won’t get you what you want- a cure.
Like many others I too have had people close to me die from cancer.  It’s not a pretty sight.  However, I’m well versed in the Law of Attraction to know that you get what you ask for.  Therefore, if you ask for a fight that’s what you’re going to get, a disease that is constantly fighting back new treatments.   If you want to race for a cure then that’s what you’ll get – a race.  The goal will always be out of your reach.  It might show up as finding new treatments only to discover another symptom has taken its place and now we’ll be racing to find a cure for it.  The cure is the good part of the declaration but not the race part of it.

Cancer isn’t the only area that could use a revamp in its language.  Politicians are always claiming that we’ll fight for this or that.  The media picks up on the verbiage and now we have war on terrisiom, war on drugs.  Let’s see what else can we have a war on?  And then we wonder why the world is in the shape it’s in. 

Mother Teresa said it best when she said she wouldn’t participate in a March on War but she would if it was a Peace March.  She understood the Law of Attraction.

Society needs to choose their words more wisely.  I catch myself all the time saying things I should have said differently. I can’t blame anyone but myself for the results because I asked for it.

A simple statement like “Let’s have a discussion” has a negative energy to it.  To discuss comes from the Latin word discuss which is to dash to pieces and quatere - to shake. Therefore, you’re implying that there will be disagreement and that likely wasn’t your intention at all.  It would be far better to say that we need to have a conversation or dialogue about this matter. There isn’t a defensive emotion attached to those two words.  They’re neutral.  It’s the same reason Coke, Kodak and Toyota have such a good brand image, there isn’t a prior meaning attached to those words.

So if you want a cure for cancer it would be better to say you’ll walk, run, bike etc for it but not race. As the saying goes, “Where attention goes energy flows”.  Let’s give the attention to the cure and not the fight.  Are you with me?