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Monday, May 27, 2013

Government Blame Game

There seems to be a lot of ignorance going on lately in our government. Seriously, can that many people not know what’s been happening in their department? Is it always someone else’s fault? It reminds me of Sergeant Schultz in the TV show Hogan’s Heroes, “I know NO…thing. I see NO….thing!”

If anyone of those “I don’t know” officials were in the private sector they would have been reprimanded or fired because they SHOULD know. Citing ignorance can only last so long – at some point the person just comes across as inept.  But that’s not the point of this writing. The larger picture is what ignorance and blaming really is telling us.

There is always an underlying core to a symptom (blame/ignorance). In this case the individual doesn’t want to take responsibility. By pleading ignorance or blaming others it shifts the focus to other people or events out or his/her control. The person “gets to” feel good about themselves because now the attention and responsibility is on someone else’s shoulders. Whew!

Blaming others is an excuse to stay small and not own your own power. By blaming others the person is essentially giving their power to someone else. It’s saying someone else or event is in control of my life. If more people realized that’s what they were doing they wouldn’t do it anymore. They’d take on the responsibility and the outcome that comes with it. As the saying goes, “With great risk comes great reward” the same can be said about responsibility. If the outcome was positive would the person take the credit for it? If so, then the opposite must also hold true or the person loses all credibility.

A person with integrity owns all of his/her own choices. A person with integrity takes a stand and does what’s best for the greater good. A person with integrity takes responsibility for everything under his/her control.

This is a lesson for us all in what not to do. Instead, use your free will to own your power and take responsibility for your choices.  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

You Will Give and You’ll Like it

How does that statement make you feel, likely not very good.  Giving is great but you need to feel good about it.  It has to be your choice from the dollar amount, duration and cause.  Anything else is an affront to your being.  We are free will beings and anything that contradicts that gnaws at our core.

At our base we ARE loving and compassionate beings who want to demonstrate those qualities but in our own unique way and time where both the giver and receiver benefit. On the flip side if you’re forced to give beyond your means or are shamed into helping out a cause you’re not passionate about, it can leave a sour taste in your mouth where you walk away feeling more taken advantage of than feeling good about yourself.

For example when the neighborhood kid comes knocking at your door to sell you something to raise money for an activity he’s in, you likely will donate or purchase an item.  However if it’s more than what you want to give and you do it anyway it doesn’t leave you feeling good anymore.

We all have our own degree of compassion where the giving makes us feel good but there is always a limit when the positive feeling turns to negative. Knowing yourself and staying true to it will help keep you feeling positive.

How about when the government forces you to give a part of your income to a cause or country you don’t want to give to or at least not that much?  How does that make you feel? People agree that there are those in society who need a hand up so they have no problem giving part of their money to those who “truly” need it.  However what about the people who consciously don’t work on getting off welfare, food stamps etc particularly when they are fully able to work?  How do you feel knowing you’re working to provide to others who are able to purchase the latest tennis shoes or phone while you can’t. Does that make you feel good?

Being forced to give beyond our comfort level takes away the pleasure that comes from giving that’s why charities work we well.  They’re a win-win situation. The giver as the freedom to give to the charity in any way, shape or form that will make her feel good while the receiver gets to use that form in the most beneficial way. WIN – WIN!