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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

U.S. in Mideast Business

How did the U.S. ever get so involved in another country’s business in the first place? I’d say it’s because we were asked.

There was a time in history when the U.S. got criticized for not paying attention or caring about what was happening in Europe. We were accused of being in our own world, and we were. We had no reason to get involved in the politics and territory disputes of other countries. We were totally solvent as a country. What was in it for us anyway?

Eventually we did get involved in other country’s business due to pressure and the growing need to establish forging relations. So in essence, we did get something out of it, we became established as a reliable foreign partner.

It would be naïve to believe that on country helping out another is solely doing it out of an act of kindness. It could be to promote democracy, gain diplomatic favor, protect an ally, and gain a strategic foreign base location, trading in goods and services or a host of other avenues. The point being, we do expect to get something out of it. No matter how much on the outside it appears we’re defending another because it’s the right thing to do, we’re still getting something out of it. Sometimes it shows up soft as diplomatic relations and other times it’s bolds as exchange for oil.

The U. S. wasn’t committed in WWII until Pearl Harbor. Basically the Japanese picked a fight (a bolder form of asking) and we complied. For years the Mideast has been trying to get our attention about their conflict. While the extremists try bullying tactics by bombing our embassies and ships, the powers involved on one hand criticize us for getting involved while the other criticizes us for not helping out more. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t. How do you win in that scenario? I’m still confused as to what they were trying to accomplish. They didn’t want us involved in their business yet they’ve kept picking fights. We’ve been dancing around this whole Mideast conflict for years but when 911 came we were thrust smack dap into it and now it is our business.

Even though the extremists say they want us out they continue to make it our business. It doesn’t make sense. They figure if they hurt us enough we’ll back off. On the contrary, it just pisses us off and becomes our business. I’d venture to say that we’ll get out of the Mideast conflict when it stops becoming our business and when we’re not getting anything out of it.

Just like in human interactions and events it’s good to ask yourself if it’s any of your business, if it’s not, stay out. The vast majority of emotional turmoil, arguments and upsets are due to someone getting into someone else’s business.

The next time you find yourself getting upset over a person, situation or event stop and ask yourself if it’s any of your business, chances are its not. You will find yourself a whole lot happier when you stay in your business.

As far as the US is concerned, do you believe she’s staying in her business?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Government Doesn’t Owe You a Thing

“My boss owes me. Work owes me. The government owes me. You own me.” Where does this entitlement mentality come from?

It’s looking for others to fill a void, to make the person feel good about himself. For some reason he feels he has been wronged and wants others to give him, in his own mind, his just reward, payback, to make life fair again, to even the score.

The problem is there is not enough money, time, possessions, education, or love to satisfy this person because he’ll NEVER be satisfied. As soon as one thing is catered to he’ll either complain that it’s not quite up to par or too late in coming. He’ll then focus on other things that he still hasn’t been compensated for. It’s a never-ending cycle of unfilled expectations. The entitlement mentality continues and the only way to remedy it is to go to the source. The answer, the fulfillment, lies within.

No one else can make him happy about his current situation but himself. He created his life and he has the freedom to make the choices to change it. He can’t change the past because it’s over and done with. He needs to accept whatever happened in the past because it has made him who he is today. Does he want to change that? If so, then change it. It doesn’t happen overnight but takes a conscious effort to make choices that will eventually lead to his desired outcome.

The entitlement attitude comes from not wanting to take responsibility for what has happened in his life. It’s so much easier to blame someone or something else for his obstacles. The focus then is not on him but on anything else. He then gets to feel good about himself because in his mind it’s someone else’s fault. However, the longer he continues to believe that the cause of his shortcomings are someone else’s responsibility, the longer it will take for him to make the choices that will eventually bring him the happiness and love he so desperately is seeking.

You see, the “feel good” feeling he craves isn’t given to him by someone else but is something he gives himself. When he can empower himself to take charge and create his life as he wishes instead of allowing himself to be a victim, the happier he will be.

Monday, May 23, 2011

You Have the Freedom to Choose

Everyone has the freedom to choose. You make choices every day. Should I eat the cookie or go for an apple? Should I yield to the merging car or should I speed ahead? Should I get angry when things don’t go the way I’d like or do I accept the things I have no control over? These are the kind of constant choices you make every day.
The choices you make may seem minute but they set you up for how you look, feel, and progress through life. For example let’s say you really want to get this promotion you’ve had your sights on for some time, however, when the time comes you don’t get it. It turns out the electing official didn’t think you were a team player because he had overheard you bashing the company and management. In essence you created your own outcome. You made the choice to talk about management in a negative way. Even if what you said wasn’t meant to be heard, in the long run it’s better from the employer’s viewpoint not to have given you the promotion.

You have the freedom to choose who you hang out with to what type of vehicle you drive. Therefore, don’t complain when gas prices go sky high when you knowingly purchased a vehicle that gets low miles per gallon. You purchased the vehicle based on other factors. Essentially you made something else more important. If gas prices continue to remain high, in the future, you may opt to purchase a vehicle with better gas mileage. You make a better choice for you.

The choices you make set you up for the experiences you’re going to have. If you want better experiences you need to make better choices. Choose wisely.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You Get What You Get and You Don’t Throw a Fit

That is the saying the pre-school teachers teach the kids so they wouldn’t complain about what another child received over them. It’s a good lesson all of us could learn from.

How many times do you hear someone complain about the new car, boat, promotion or house their friend or neighbor got? In essence they’re saying, “What about me? What makes that person so much more special than me? Why can’t I get something good like that too?”

That same thing could be said about your talents, physical appearance or your intelligence. You’ve got attributes and so does everyone else around you. Your attributes don’t look the same as the other guy and that’s a good thing. You’re unique so they shouldn’t be. Trouble is, for some reason the grass always seems to look greener on the other side. With all this attention looking outward at other people, it’s no wonder you don’t realize how swell you truly are. In the effort to notice what you don’t have you fail to recognize and appreciate what you do have. So what ends up happening, you end up feeling bad about yourself because you compared yourself to someone else and nothing compares to you.

You are a “One and Only.” The mold was broke when you were born so get use to it.

So what did you get? Did you get the smarts of an engineer, the vocabulary of a writer/speaker or the compassion of a volunteer? The point is you did get talents just like everyone else did but only you can express them in your own unique way and that’s what makes you stand out.

Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is you have to offer but you must make the commitment to discover your unique abilities. You must be clear about who-you-are so that you can build your life around what makes you shine. You deserve to have all the world has to offer. Recognize, appreciate and use what you have and you won’t be throwing anymore fits.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Who’s Says You’re Not Perfect?

When a baby is born everyone oohs and ah’s about how perfect the little one is. What happens as you age that you’re no longer perfect, nothing, that’s what? Nothing changed. You’re still perfect, all 30 pounds overweight with a bald spot perfect. On the outside you may not appear to society to be perfect but on the inside you’re down right gorgeous.

Somehow down the line someone said or did something that changed your perception of your true inner beauty. You bought into whatever label society put on you and believed what others said. That’s sad because at that moment you shifted away from who you were born to be and started becoming what you thought others thought you should be. And you know what else happened; a little piece of you became a bit sad? Deep down you knew you were better. You had plans to shine and now you let someone take your light away.

The light is still burning but maybe not as bright as it wants to be. And what’s holding you back from letting your light shine? FEAR! All those self doubts that have been marinating in your conscious and sub-conscious are holding you back from what you really want to be. Compounding it, you likely have layers upon layers that need to be peeled away until you can get at the core of who-you-are.

Just as an onion has layers to it so do you. Every time a setback, obstacle, or critical remark came your way self doubt reared its ugly head and another layer went up. Every time a relationship didn’t work out another layer went up to protect you. The sad thing is that every time that happened it took you further and further away from your true self, your core beauty. At the core is your source energy that is the glow of perfect love. It’s meant to shine. And better yet, it shines best when you are who you were meant to be. Remember, there is no one else like you. You are unique. Discover your uniqueness and let it shine. Your spirit wants you to.