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Monday, May 23, 2011

You Have the Freedom to Choose

Everyone has the freedom to choose. You make choices every day. Should I eat the cookie or go for an apple? Should I yield to the merging car or should I speed ahead? Should I get angry when things don’t go the way I’d like or do I accept the things I have no control over? These are the kind of constant choices you make every day.
The choices you make may seem minute but they set you up for how you look, feel, and progress through life. For example let’s say you really want to get this promotion you’ve had your sights on for some time, however, when the time comes you don’t get it. It turns out the electing official didn’t think you were a team player because he had overheard you bashing the company and management. In essence you created your own outcome. You made the choice to talk about management in a negative way. Even if what you said wasn’t meant to be heard, in the long run it’s better from the employer’s viewpoint not to have given you the promotion.

You have the freedom to choose who you hang out with to what type of vehicle you drive. Therefore, don’t complain when gas prices go sky high when you knowingly purchased a vehicle that gets low miles per gallon. You purchased the vehicle based on other factors. Essentially you made something else more important. If gas prices continue to remain high, in the future, you may opt to purchase a vehicle with better gas mileage. You make a better choice for you.

The choices you make set you up for the experiences you’re going to have. If you want better experiences you need to make better choices. Choose wisely.

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