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Monday, December 30, 2013

Who’s Says You’re Not Perfect?

When a baby is born everyone oohs and ah’s about how perfect the little one is.  What happens as you age that you’re no longer perfect, nothing, that’s what? Nothing changed. You’re still perfect, all 30 pounds overweight with a bald spot perfect. On the outside you may not appear to society to be perfect but on the inside you’re down right gorgeous.

Somehow down the line someone said or did something that changed your perception of your true inner beauty. You bought into whatever label society put on you and believed what others said.  That’s sad because at that moment you shifted away from who you were born to be and started becoming what you thought others thought you should be.  And you know what else happened; a little piece of you became a bit sad? Deep down you knew you were better. You had plans to shine and now you let someone take your light away. 

The light is still burning but maybe not as bright as it wants to be.  And what’s holding you back from letting your light shine? FEAR! All those self doubts that have been marinating in your conscious and sub-conscious are holding you back from what you really want to be. Compounding it, you likely have layers upon layers that need to be peeled away until you can get at the core of who-you-are.

Just as an onion has layers to it so do you.  Every time a setback, obstacle, or critical remark came your way self doubt reared its ugly head and another layer went up.  Every time a relationship didn’t work out another layer went up to protect you.  The sad thing is that every time that happened it took you further and further away from your true self, your core beauty.  At the core is your source energy that is the glow of perfect love. It’s meant to shine. And better yet, it shines best when you are who you were meant to be.  Remember, there is no one else like you.  You are unique. Discover your uniqueness and let it shine. Your spirit wants you to.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Speak UP

Ever been in a social or business setting and noticed that when certain people talk everyone takes notice and turns to listen? Why is that?

This has happened to me. At first I thought it was because they were the authority on the subject but that rarely turned out to be the case. Then I thought it was because physically they have a stronger commanding voice which has some merit. I also have noticed that more men interrupt others more than women. Maybe it’s the way women are raised, to be considerate of others, to listen.  Then I came to the conclusion that the rude person is caught up in their own world where no matter what the subject they rudely interrupt and interject their opinion.  I’m speaking generally here.

What to do? Call them on it. In a very stern confident tone point out that someone else is speaking and you’d like to have the person finish their thought. You have nothing to apologize for.  It was the person who interrupted who should apologize. The inconsiderate person won’t change their ways until the considerate people start speaking up.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Picture This

You wake up in our beach house to the sun just breaking the horizon. You hear the delightful sounds of water splashing gently against the rocks. After sipping your coffee for a spell while watching the sunrise you decide to take a short walk to bask in the beauty of nature. You return to check you ban account to find 12,000 deposited into it from your business ventures. You decide this the time to make the investment opportunity you’ve been pondering and decide to call Judy, one of your assistants, to make it happen.

It’s time to leave for an appointment in TX so you inform your chauffer to you’re ready to leave. He takes you to your private jet that is fueled and ready to go. You kiss your spouse and children good-bye and tell them you’ll be back by 3 PM for your daily family activity. Today it’s a two-for. You’ll all be taking a short hike followed up by a swim in either the pool or ocean. Your family can’t decide which one.

 After a nice poolside dinner and the children are in bed, your spouse and you have a glass of wine as you converse about how vast the star system is.

You decide to retire for the evening but decide to check your accounts one last time to find another $15,000 deposited into it.  As you turn out the night light you think to yourself “I think we’ll spend four weeks in Europe this time instead of three. “

How did that make you feel when you read that, were you anxious, excited or were doubtful thoughts entering your mind?

You see in order for the Law of Attraction to work, you have to visualize what it will look like and the universe will conspire to make it happen. The other major point is you have to believe it will happen. If you’ve heard about people who have achieved their dreams, many times they believed deep down they could do it and the actions kept in line with that belief.  It wasn’t a question of if but of when.

When you visual your story of how you want it to be you also have to “feel” comfortable in that space. If your emotions are doubtful so will your result.

Monday, December 9, 2013

It’s Not You, it’s THEM

Recently I’ve heard of many incidents where one person has cut down, degraded, insulted, bad mouthed or was just plain mean, you name it, to someone I know.

It hurts the person I know whether they put on a strong front or not debunking the notion that words can hurt after all. They begin to doubt themselves and their self-image starts to falter. The bigger picture is about the aggressor.

It’s sad because the aggressor, deep down, doesn’t accept himself so he projects his dissatisfaction with himself onto others.  In his own twisted mind this makes him feel better. Consciously he may not know that it’s the real reason he does what he does but it is.

Yep, it truly is sad that someone has to make someone else feel bad in order to feel good. It’s as if he’s saying, “I’m not happy with my life and therefore neither should you be. Now you’re on the same level as me so I can feel better about myself.”

At the core he doesn’t accept himself and therefore love himself as he and his life are. Accept is a love based emotion.  It would be better if the recipient was emotionally strong enough to bring the aggressor into their positive energy, to change the dissatisfaction into acceptance. I wonder what would happen if the recipient responded in a kind loving manner. Would it jolt the aggressor into a different frame of mind? It’s an action worth trying. What do you think?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Start Me Up

Need a dose of energy, hang around kids? Apparently it doesn’t matter how old they are. I know they can be draining but for some it has the opposite effect.

Most people like watching young children play, to watch their creativity in motion, to smile and laugh at the silly things they say and do.

I’m an observer and I noticed that something can be said for teenagers as well. My mother-in-law has always liked having her grand kids over even though she’s too old to do anything for them. She just likes seeing them and listening to them talk. To think of it, my grandpa was the same way. Even though we grandchildren didn’t know how to carry on a conversation with a 90 yr old man, it didn’t matter to him. He’d wrap his arm around the nearest grandchild, give him a gentle squeeze and a big smile would come over his face. That’s all he needed. Oh, and he didn’t let go either. He got his energy and joy from proximity.

It doesn’t even have to be your own family to give you an every boost either. My mother-in-law, along with other senior citizens, likes having children around.  It’s as if seeing them gives them a boost of energy. The only thing I can surmise is that the children’s smiles, laughter and energy are contagious. It gives the observer life. Think about it. When someone smiles at you don’t you smile back even if it’s only on the inside?

Let’s pass the good feeling around and smile.