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Monday, December 30, 2013

Who’s Says You’re Not Perfect?

When a baby is born everyone oohs and ah’s about how perfect the little one is.  What happens as you age that you’re no longer perfect, nothing, that’s what? Nothing changed. You’re still perfect, all 30 pounds overweight with a bald spot perfect. On the outside you may not appear to society to be perfect but on the inside you’re down right gorgeous.

Somehow down the line someone said or did something that changed your perception of your true inner beauty. You bought into whatever label society put on you and believed what others said.  That’s sad because at that moment you shifted away from who you were born to be and started becoming what you thought others thought you should be.  And you know what else happened; a little piece of you became a bit sad? Deep down you knew you were better. You had plans to shine and now you let someone take your light away. 

The light is still burning but maybe not as bright as it wants to be.  And what’s holding you back from letting your light shine? FEAR! All those self doubts that have been marinating in your conscious and sub-conscious are holding you back from what you really want to be. Compounding it, you likely have layers upon layers that need to be peeled away until you can get at the core of who-you-are.

Just as an onion has layers to it so do you.  Every time a setback, obstacle, or critical remark came your way self doubt reared its ugly head and another layer went up.  Every time a relationship didn’t work out another layer went up to protect you.  The sad thing is that every time that happened it took you further and further away from your true self, your core beauty.  At the core is your source energy that is the glow of perfect love. It’s meant to shine. And better yet, it shines best when you are who you were meant to be.  Remember, there is no one else like you.  You are unique. Discover your uniqueness and let it shine. Your spirit wants you to.

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