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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Youth Today Love Themselves – What’s Wrong with That?

Absolutely nothing! In fact, I think this generation more than any other has finally come to terms with their true self and begun to publicly display their own love of self. That’s not a bad thing but a good thing.

They likely aren’t even aware of it but with every picture they post of themselves on Face Book, Face Time or through a text they are demonstrating how much they like/love themselves. Check it out for yourself. There are far more photos of my daughter on her phone than anyone else. Perhaps it’s because of the technical advances but I also think self perceptions have changed.

For centuries people have denied or played down how much they love themselves. It could have been through society pressures or for religious reasons but the result is the same.  It’s very difficult to find joy and happiness around you when you can’t love what’s inside you first.

In order to become who you are born to be, in order to live your truth you first need to love and respect yourself. Love your perceived flaws as well as your great talents and gifts, it’s a package deal.  With great risk comes great reward. With every gift comes a challenge. Love them all.

Remember with the next click of the shutter the person is in essence saying to themselves, “I like/love what I see and I love me”.

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