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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Let the Political Bashing Begin

The political season is in full swing and with it comes the name calling, bashing, insults, assumptions, accusations that we’ve come to loathe. It’s not the way that I was raised to get your point across but that’s what it’s come down to.  Basically it’s fear.  Each side will accuse and bash the other side to take the heat off them no matter if it’s the truth or not.  It sells.  People listen.  It gets votes. The thought has been put out there and soon the media can run an entire segment on a “what if, maybe or assumption.” That’s not good journalism in my opinion and I’d say EVERY media outlet is guilty of it at one time or another.

The republicans will bash the Obama Administration on its failed policies and the democrats bash Romney on his wealth.  Let’s back up a moment and take a look at this. First you have to realize that each candidate has their own unique gifts that he brings to the table because the greater the gift the greater the challenge that comes with it. The trick for each is staying within their gift because when the challenge of the gift overshadows the gift it becomes a hindrance. The gift is no longer shining and instead all that is showing up is the challenge of it.  The person has lost touch with what makes him stand out. All is not lost. He can still get his groove back when he actively weaves back into his gift. 

I don’t’ know much about Mitt Romney but his gift thus far is being able to make money. He’s a businessman and knows the ins and outs of starting, employing, maintaining and growing a business. As with all businessmen you have your ups and downs that you learn from. The market keeps changing and you have to change with it.

Therefore one of his gifts according the Core Passion code would be Power. He is the C. E O., General, and Authority figure. When in his gift he demands control. His creed is truth, honesty and results. He has the strength and courage to undertake large projects, financial risks, and the management of large organizations. He’s able to see the larger picture as well as small details. His challenge would be being intimidating and consumed by the acquisition of wealth. When he’s in his gift he’s assertive, problem-solver, good–at-management and strives for excellence. When he’s in the challenge of his gift he’d be apathetic, misdirected, apathetic and indifferent to name a few.

Obama has been in office for quite some time so his gifts are more identifiable.  He has the gift of communication, compassion, and inspiration. In other words he’s able to convince, persuade and ignite action that revolves around global issues. However, I’d say his gift of compassion is his strongest one.  It means he’s the master teacher. That doesn’t mean he has to be in front of a room to teach, he can teach by example. People strong in compassion have an inner driving force of enlightened information that they need to share with the world. His quest would be to share this knowingness with the masses. His gift would be speaking from the heart and humility and seeing beyond the situations to the good of all people. His challenge is detachment (gets too involved); setting healthy boundaries, expressing integrity in all he does and judging others that don’t share his vision.  When he’s in his gift he’s heart full, insightful and contributing. When he’s in his challenge he’s disconnected, negligent, self-important, inexperienced, opinionated, dogmatic and pompous.

To sum up, coming from a business back ground you always need a vision first, something to build your action plan around.  But neither will work without the other.  When you put the two together you have one who has the vision and one who is an action taker. Too bad we couldn’t get both on the same team. Imagine if we did have everyone one on the same team, working together for the same vision. It’s happened before and it can be done again.

Just remember no one is perfect. Each candidate has their own gifts and if you love the gift you also have to love the challenge that comes with it because it won’t always be pretty.

I hope I gave you some insightful information to help you make a better informed decision on your candidate choice. 

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