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Friday, August 13, 2010

Your Greatest Challenge Gives You Your Greatest Growth

Oh wouldn’t it be great if everything was handed to you? Any want or need satisfied. Wait a minute…..that would be boring!
Sure, no one likes to have challenges but they will give you the greatest growth. I’m not referring to the challenges you greet with anticipation like the challenge of going to college or competing for a position. I’m referring to the challenges you don’t want like being around others who cut you down or ignore you. What makes that a challenge and what could you learn from it?

You can put up with it or develop the courage to do something about it. When someone cuts you down or ignores you, you have the challenge of speaking up for yourself. Once you learn how to do that, it’s no longer a challenge for you.

If you look back, some of your greatest challenges have also produced the greatest self growth. If you had not risen to the challenge you would have never learned the lesson you needed to learn. What’s interesting is that if you don’t learn from your challenges, you will continue to have them over and over until you do. They might show up in different forms but it still is the challenge you need to overcome. It’s like the guy who keeps marrying someone with an addictive personality. He divorced his wife that’s an alcoholic only to marry other women who is addicted to pills or work. Same brand, different model. Everyone else can see the similarities but the guy who is actually emotionally involved in the situation. Therefore, when you find yourself in a challenging relationship or situation, ask yourself what the challenge is here and what can you do to flip it. Clearly identify the challenge and make a commitment to rise about it.

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