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Monday, May 12, 2014

Heaven is Real

It’s anything you want it to be.

Several years ago my Mom introduced me to a book called, “Embraced by the Light” by Betty Eddy. It’s about her near death experience. I was so intrigued with her story I bought another book of hers and a DVD. It also heightens my awareness to search for other books on the same subject. I was like a child in a candy store. I couldn’t get enough of it. There are many books on the subject but you have to search for them.

It was like a light went on and I remembered a pre-earth experience of my own that I had shrugged off as I got older as childish nonsense. How refreshing it was to have an explanation for it. Whew! It wasn’t a weird dream. I’m not crazy.

This search for the unknown spiritual world eventually led me to The Secret, Abraham Hicks and the Light Collective. If you don’t already know, The Secret is based on the channeling of Abraham by Ester Hicks. It’s all about the Law of Attraction. You can read books or watch You Tube videos on it. My main focus though here is on the Light Collective who is channeled by Kathryn Harwig.

Quite awhile ago someone asked the question to the Collective about heaven, is there such a place and what’s it like. The Collective doesn’t give out the details like we’d like, I wish they would, but this is their response. They said that heaven is a place but that it is hard to describe. They stated that a movie called “What Dreams May Come” is the closet our human race has come to describing it. Of course I watched the movie as soon as possible. It stars Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Based on that movie and the other resources I’ve cited, heaven can be anything you want it to be. It is real. You get to create the ideal heaven for you. If you believe you should pray all the time then that’s what you’ll do until you get tired of it and decide to do something else. If you envision mountains, rivers, trees, flowers and waterfalls then that’s what it’ll have. How perfect is that? That’s my understanding of it thus far.

I suggest you keep an open mind while gathering all the information you can from the resources you find.  It’s a mysterious journey where no one has the answer and won’t until we pass from this dimension into the next. What an adventure!


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