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Friday, May 9, 2014

Pursuit of Happiness

Nothing strikes me more than this phrase from the Declaration of Independence.

What does it say? It means that previously the people who immigrated to the U.S. weren’t allowed or given the opportunity to pursue what made them happy. We know what it is to purse and but how do you define happiness.

Each person has their own definition of what happiness would be for them. It could be raising children, running their own business or even watching TV all day long, to each his own.

However, you can’t talk about pursuing you own happiness without mentioning freedom. The underlying essence of pursuing your happiness is having the freedom to choose what makes you happy. In order to do that, you need opportunities to choose from, again freedom. To pursue, if you don’t have the freedom and opportunity, there won’t be much pursuing going on.

Let freedom ring. It’s written all over our Declaration of Independence. One can only imagine the struggles our ancestors went through to crave the freedom that our government documents provide. They wanted it so much they essentially put up a road block in any way that government could control the people again. Let’s honor their struggles and hardship by maintaining the essence and intent of those wise documents. Let freedom ring!

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