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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Real Men Wear Pink

Real Men Wear Pink


Why do some men look good in pink, or for that matter any pastel color, contrast?

Typically the more masculine the guy the greater chance he looks better in soft colors. I know some men don’t like to wear soft colors because they think it makes them look wimpy. That’s a personal viewpoint. However we’re going for contrast here, therefore soft colors on a dark hair and skin make the person stand out more. The opposite would be true for guys with lighter hair and skin. It’s the contrast between the man’s features and the color that make him stand out. The color accents the person and balances out the masculine energy.

The opposite would be true for a woman. A very feminine women looks good in masculine attire, it balances out the female/male energy, while some women in masculine attire can’t pull it off.

It’s the Ying and Yang principle. Balance the energy. I think that’s one of the reasons men and women are attracted to each other. Ever notice that when one of them is strong in something the other one is not? As partners, they’re balancing the energy between the two of them.

It doesn’t just show up in relationships but also work. A boss will hire the person who best fits the need. In other words, the area that needs filling will balance out the business so that it functions more efficiently.

Contrast helps balance the energy. It’s saying that as spiritual beings we’re always trying to balance the energy around us. It could show up in the people we’re with, our environment, work, or even the kind of clothes we choose to wear.  We aren’t consciously aware of where our spirit is at but it’s instinctively trying to put our being and environment into alignment. However, sometimes our conscious mind tries to fight it by saying it doesn’t want to do that. That’s another story.

Ying and Yang, Karma, call it what you will but your spirit is always working at achieving balance whether you’re aware of it or not.

Therefore, perhaps the struggles and challenges you’ve had in your life are just your spirit trying to balance itself out.

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