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Thursday, February 18, 2016

All is One

All is one. What could that possibly mean?

From a quantum physics point of view it is. We are all one and the same from the tress to the tiger to the crunch of sand beneath our feet; once you break it down we all come out to be the same thing – light.

And what is light but energy. Everything around us is made up of energy. Of course to the naked eye it doesn’t appear that cement or a wooden chair has energy but it does. Under a microscope there is movement but it’s very slow. Even a dead plant has energy otherwise it wouldn’t decompose. It dies, crumbles and melts into the earth. The energy never dies it becomes something else. In this case the decomposition of the plant has provided food to other living organisms and the process just keeps repeating. It never stops. The human body is the same. Beyond the molecular the common and final ingredient in all life forms in the universe is light. This means at its core everything is the energy of light. Some light shines brighter than others because of the frequency it holds, nonetheless it’s all light. We are all one and the same when we’re broken down to our minute core element.

The question then becomes what is light? I’m not referring to the bright light of the sun but the kind of light feel good light that illuminates acceptance and unconditional love.  It’s a warm shining light that emits goodness. It’s the light, thus energy, of our Creator and we are all bit of the Creator. 

We all have this light within us. Every living thing within the universe has this light, this bit of light reminiscent of the Creator because it is of the Creator.

In the big picture that means we are all One. We (universe) are all One with the Creator. How cool is that?

Now here’s another thought to think about. If everything in the universe is made from the Creator it only stands to reason that we all posses the ability to communicate with each other in some form. But how to we communicate from a light level? Universal consciousness perhaps!

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