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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

You Should Never Grow Up

Why, because kids get it. They love themselves. You can’t love others unless you love yourself and kids instinctively know this but sadly something happens as they grow up.  It could be a well meaning adult who pops their bubble; a parent, teacher, friend or relative who puts their viewpoint ahead of the child’s enthusiasm and zest for life.   Instead of encouraging their outlook they counter with the glass is half empty scenario.  They mean well in that they don’t want the child to get hurt so they give them a reality check with maybe a hint of sarcasm or throw in a cut down which most likely dampens their dream.

Take the little girl who states she draws the best flowers. The adult may comment that it is nice but she could do better or comment that she’s being a bit arrogant which gives the child a different perspective and now it affects her outlook and self-esteem.  She’s just been given a reason NOT to love herself.  People may see her as too self absorbed and they won’t like her for it.  If this continues to happen with drawing or any other endeavor, she’ll begin to doubt herself and grow up squelching her self-love.  Of course this doesn’t happen overnight or with one event.  It keeps getting played out over and over in different situations until she doesn’t have a good grasp on what there is to love about her. Sadly it takes years, if at all, to reverse the damage that’s been done.

My daughter recently was looking in the mirror and commented on how she thought she had really big eyes and nice eyebrows.  She thought they were her best feature.  I saw her self-love for what God gave her shine through so I agreed, plus it’s the truth. 

I’m going to ask you to take a moment and think back to when you were a child. Was there anything that you really liked about yourself? You may have to go back quite a way if nothing immediately pops in your head.  Chances are its still true today.  That’s you loving yourself.  Remember that.

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