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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It’s okay to be selfish


You’re selfish, yeah really selfish, but it’s okay because you’re in the majority. We’re all guilty of it but is it really a gift? I say its self preservation.

Sure there will be people who disagree with this saying that they do things for others.  In fact, I’ve heard some rather successful entrapeanuers say that not only their business but everyone else’s business is about serving others.  They’ll say something to the effect that your purpose in life is to serve others.  I disagree.

Let me clarify.  What they really are saying is that THEIR purpose is to serve others. They get something out of it and therefore you should too.  I don’t know how or why they are pinning the thing that gives THEM joy onto the whole human race. I believe everyone has a purpose, a learning experience if you will, that will give then the joy and happiness that they seek.  It’s unique to the individual and not a one size fits all. All of us will give or serve but to the degree to which it is most satisfying to the individual. In other words, to the point it makes you feel good. Anymore than that and you start to feel anxiety.  So while one person can give $20 to a charity/cause and feel good about it, another doesn’t feel good until they’ve given $100 and maybe helped out a bit.  Still another person doesn’t feel good unless she is fully engaged in the charity such as physically working there or running the show.

They’re all looking for the WIIFM station (what’s in it for me) but to the degree it’ll make them feel good. The WIIFM is the feel good part. Once that’s accomplished they’re ready to move on. The WIIFM shows up all over the place in your life. You date, marry, hang-out, make purchases, work and go places that will give you the experiences for happiness. You’re a feel good, find happiness seeker and what’s wrong with that?

Spiritually we’re each searching for joy and happiness; therefore we’re looking for the people and events, situations that will provide it. You could say it’s as innate as the survival instinct we have. In fact it’s what we came here to do; find joy and happiness, so go ahead and be selfish.  It’s who-you-are.

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