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Monday, February 2, 2015

The Never-Ending Drama


What’s a never ending drama? Take your pick. There’s the Israeli-Arab-Palestine conflict, race relations and let’s not forget the Islamic discord. These conflicts have been going on for centuries and yet they’re not resolved. Why? Well, each position could give you a host of reason why, usually blaming the other guy or nation.  Notice the finger is never pointed at themselves. The funny thing is that’s the ONLY thing they have control over, their own words and actions. You can’t control or affect change with someone else unless they truly agree. In most all instances there was a wrong or perceived wrong done to a class, group, race etc and they want restitution for it.

Let’s explore the thought that what is desired really does come to fruition.  What if the Palestines get their own state and everything else they believe is owed them, what if the black community does achieve the equality and restitution for slavery they believe they are due, what if the Islamists are able to have their own sovereign government within the US to promote their own version of Sharia Law wo`uld that finally silence these groups? I seriously doubt it. In every example it would disenfranchise another group and eventually the next group would rise up and complain.  It becomes a never ending cycle of discontent. When will it ever end?

What these people don’t get is that the past is the past and it can’t be changed. You can only learn from it and make better choices going forward. There will never be enough money, land, forgiveness or whatever you’re looking for to make the negative feelings in the heart go away.  Only you can release this negative energy in order to open up to new possibilities. The answer or solution to discord isn’t by or through someone or something else but through the hearts and minds of those who hold onto being right and are hell bent on getting their way at any cost.

Unity, acceptance and forgiveness are the true paths to ending the drama. Who has the power to end this madness?  As you can see the answer lies within each of us, to accept others as they are and realize the past is the past because of the decisions made by those who came before us.

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