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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Your Life is Already in Harmony

We put up our own obstacles. That's right!

However, we are no different than nature. It is always in harmony, in balance. It is constantly recreating itself and evolving into something new. The change maybe slow but it is still there. When we hear about a forest fire we can be sad because we think of all the nice plants and animals that perished but it doesn’t take long before new growth takes place. In fact it’s good to have fires from time to time hence the reason the fire department has controlled burns. They would rather have a controlled burn than an unexpected fire.  

When a species no longer exists it probably has served its purpose for that time period and now something else has evolved. It is not until outside forces, such as humans, upset that balance that it becomes a problem. Imagine if dinosaurs and wooly beasts still roamed the earth. Animals either learn to adapt or they perish. The same can be said for humans but that’s another post. The point being is nature always stays in balance. Whenever something gets out of whack an adjustment is made to bring it back into harmony. We could learn a lot by just watching nature unfold.

As humans we are no different. We are where we are supposed to be whether we like it or not. Through our thoughts, word and actions, we are where we’re supposed to be. There are no accidents. What gets in the way is when we think we can control situations and/or people. We can't. We can only control our thoughts, language, and actions. Basically we can only control our own perception about whatever is happening that we may agree or disagree with therefore we are always in harmony with what we’ve put out. Give that some thought because it really is true.

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