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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What’s Your Cross to Bear?

Don’t’ kid yourself everyone has one. What is yours?

We’ve all made bad decisions along the way and now we have to live with them. Maybe it was a cruel comment to someone who has never forgiven you or a falling out with a parent, sibling or friend that has caused you not to speak to one another. All you can do then is forgive yourself and move one.

The lesson has been learned, or has it? If it hasn’t you’ll continue to repeat it in different ways. You may not see the similarities between the situations but others will. Your challenge is to recognize what you can learn from the experience, to learn a better way to handle it in the future.  You still may have a cross to bear due to your prior decisions but at least you won’t be making the same kind of error.  I’d say the hardest part is forgiving yourself, for the cross you create is of your own doing. Forgiving yourself is loving you.  By not forgiving yourself you are saying you’re not worthy of love, but you are. No one can give you that you give it to yourself by releasing the negative emotion and allow the love to return.

Cross/challenge, they are the one and the same, time to grow by letting to and move on.

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