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Friday, October 17, 2014

Create Your Experiences

Yes you do have the power to create your experiences. Actually, you’ve been doing it all along through your words, thoughts and actions. These three things foretell what will become of your future whether by default or by design.

Let me explain. When you wish for things to be better in your life your thoughts, words and actions MUST match the outcome you wish to have. However, when you wish for things to be better but you project through your thoughts, words and actions that indicate it can’t be done, it’s not possible.  Thoughts or doubt that it won’t happen then manifest in your words and actions and then guess what, it won’t. You must believe you are able to be and do the things you want and then by taking deliberate actions, step by step, bit by bit it will happen. Keep the goal in mind. Make the Law of Attraction work for you.

It’s much like the college student who has several years of school ahead of her. She knows her goal, she wants her goal, and therefore she keeps taking the action steps (classes) to achieve her goal. Wah…lah. One day it’s accomplished. She could have given up but the belief and desire was strong. She created a plan, worked the plan and then achieved the fruits of her labor.

You can create by design like the college student or create by default by waiting around to see what happens. Either way you are creating. Chances are the wait and see approach will get you no-where. Is that what you want?

Get going and start creating your experiences.

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