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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Happiness Equals?

What does it equal, that all depends on how you define it.

What is happiness after all? Some would say its achieving success while others would say it’s the love of family and friend, but both are dependent on other people.

What then makes the person who has suffered great loss or been through many struggles still exhibit happiness?

Happiness isn’t a person place or thing, it’s a mind set.

It’s being in tune with your values and living a life of integrity. It’s seeing the positive in everything.

It’s being grateful for your blessings even when obstacles come your way.

But it’s goes much deeper than that. When you are in alignment with your inner being you will be able to embrace happiness as you know it. No doubts about is this me or not, but knowing that it is and that you love who you are, faults and all.

How do you get there? Is what you are doing and being at this moment making you happy? Pay attention to how you feel, to your emotions. If it doesn’t make you feel good then it won’t make you happy. Your emotions are you measurement tool for happiness.

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