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Friday, October 24, 2014

What’s Your Happiness Barometer at?

That’s the measurement tool we should be using when deciding what we should be doing. Stop. Check your emotions. If it makes you happy than do it, if it won’t, then don’t do it.

There’s a misconception that rich people are happy but that’s not true. In fact, some of the poorest people rate higher on their happiness barometer then rich people. They usually place a high value on family and relationships. They also live their truth and are very grateful for what they have no matter what the condition they find themselves in.

Thinks about it, the things that really make you happy are free like smiles, sharing a laugh with friends, hugging family members and the fresh smell of nature after it rains.

Material happiness is really short lived. As seniors advance in age they start to give away their belongings but keep sentimental items like a gift from a friend or pictures of family members. Everything else can go because it’s not important.

An important point here is that everyone’s happiness barometer is unique to their self.  In other words, what makes you happy isn’t necessarily going to have the same effect on another person.  Their happiness may come in a different form. You can’t project your view of happiness on someone else anymore than they could on you.

What do you think?

Instead of viewing success in terms of wealth, how about we measure it in happiness? After all isn’t that what we’re all after?

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