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Monday, March 3, 2014

You Serve No One!

That sounds rather cold but it’s closer to the truth than you might think.  The tag line would be-unless you want to.

On a deep level everyone wants to make a contribution, leave their mark in society in some shape or form.  So why doesn’t that just happen naturally?  Why aren’t droves of people lining up to help out when the call goes out? Why is it that groups and causes can ask for assistance but only a few people jump at the chance to help out? The reason is simple.  It does something for them. They get something out of it. It makes them feel good about themselves. But what about the other people who don’t help out? Well it’s just the opposite. They don’t get the same satisfaction out of it so they don’t do it.  

In order for you to want to be of service it not only has to be a cause that you’re passionate about, but be in the form of service that you want to give. The form could be hands on, coordinating, planning or handling the finances. Whatever you are best at is what will give you pleasure because then you know you gave your best.  It is ONLY in that sequence of events that you will truly feel like you have contributed from your heart. It’s ONLY then that you will feel good about yourself.

There is a great push in society to teach and encourage people to give back to their communities. Students and certain associations are now requiring them to do community service whether they want to or not. It sounds like a great idea however it’s missing the above ‘KEY” ingredient, passion.

If they are required to help out at the food shelf or play games with the elderly and it doesn’t excite them, they’ll just resent the assignment. However, if they jump at the chance to plant trees on Arbor Day we’d have a winner.  

Some people give of themselves freely no matter what. Those are the truly compassionate people. For them there is a driving force that compels them to serve. It does something for them. They get something out of it.  The reward may be a simple thank you, a smile on someone’s face, or a tender embrace. 

The rest of us need a little push, or to say it better, we need to be inspired to serve. Everyone has these buttons that can be pushed to ignite them to action.  The secret is in knowing what to say or do to ignite the desired action.  The best call to action would be to blend the individual’s talents and interests within the cause. It would be a win-win situation. 

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