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Monday, March 17, 2014

Turn the Page – next chapter

We all are writing the chapters of our life story as we go along.  I was reminded of this recently when two close friends of mine encountered a change in their lives. Both were thrust upon them. Sometimes changes are planned like getting married and having a baby. In those cases you’re planning to turn the page and start a new chapter of your life. However, other times the page is turned and you’re thrust into a new chapter. Sometimes you wish you could go back but there’s no reverse in your life story, only forward movement.

I like to think of these unexpected page turners as God’s way of saying it’s time to grow. You’re getting too complacent and that’s not what you came here to be or do. You came here to grow emotionally and spiritually so here’s this event that will shake you up so you can figure out how you can benefit from it. Even if the unexpected event is tragic, life goes on and you will learn to grow because of it.

I’m reminded of a couple of older women I know who relied on their husbands for certain things, when each lost her spouse through divorce and death each learned to grow in different ways. One learned how to take care of herself, be independent for the first in her life. She had married at a young age. The other took a spiritual path and became more calm, accepting and loving than she had been before. Both were devastated when the event occurred but have emerged as stronger, loving and emotionally charged women.

At first glance, an event that turns the page and becomes a new chapter in your life may seem scary but take it for what it s is, a new chapter. Your life story isn’t over yet and you can write it anyway you want. You get to decide.

How will you turn the page and write the next chapter of your story?

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