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Monday, March 24, 2014

Put Down the Phone

“When we haven’t the time to listen to each other’s stories we seek out experts to teach us how to live. The less time we spend together at the kitchen table, the more how-to books appear in the stores and on our bookshelves. Because we have stopped listening to each other, we may even have forgotten how to listen, stopped learning how to recognize meaning. ”~ Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen

We don’t need experts with Ph. D’s to tell us how to live wonderful lives. We need only look to each other.  Our world abounds with inspiring people - people who have overcome seemingly impossible difficulties, people who follow their dreams into uncharted territory, people who rise to incredible heights of achievement and success.

Inspiring people teach us how to find spiritual fulfillment, creative expression and deep satisfaction in life. Who feeds your soul with spiritual food?

Put down the phone. Walk away from the computer. Talk to one another face to face. More important - listen to each other.

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