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Monday, February 17, 2014

Success Lesson from Japan

There seems to be an air of animosity against the rich perpetuated by the left and promoted through the main stream media. This type of thinking definitely goes against the Science of Getting Rich and the Think and Grow Rich mind set books.

Instead of inspiring people to go after their dreams and providing examples of how it’s been done the left blames the rich for, I don’t know, being rich. Like the books state, we should be emulating them. Instead of promoting what’s possible the left say it’s unfair. What’s unfair, that the person has drive, ambition, work ethic, connections and the skills to make it happen?

You won’t achieve any level of success without effort. Therefore if you’re not willing to do what it takes then you won’t get the results you seek. For those individuals who have beaten the odds it’s because they had the drive, ambition and know how to do so. The most talented person isn’t always the most successful. It takes more than talent and brains.

After WWII, Japan was a devastated country when two atomic bombs laid ruins to their land and people. They didn’t wallow in their sorrow. No. They got busy. They did something unprecedented on a grand scale. They looked at the success the US had and decided they wanted the same thing. They took it upon themselves to study our country. They took pictures, lots of them, asked questions and went back home to rework their country. Years later they became the top automobile producers and went onto excel in electronics. Wow. What a turn around.

Instead of hating us they learned from us. That was smart. Look at them now. We could learn from them.

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