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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Happiness in the Moment

My Mom has been slowly forgetting things. We always were aware that she had trouble from time to time finding the right word to use and that it took her longer to tell a story. We had assumed it was because she had a stoke a few years back

But then other signs started to emerge like paying twice on the same bill, not remembering what drawer she kept her shorts in and forgetting if she put salt in what she was cooking.

It’s been rather sad seeing a rather independent vibrant women become so dependent on even the simple things.  However, one thing hasn’t changed her upbeat, happy disposition.  Even though she’s losing her memory she still is in a good mood. She has no other choice.

If there’s one thing loss of memory has taught me it’s that living in the moment is a happy place to be. My Mom has no worries - she can’t remember them, which forces to be in the only place she can be, in the moment. Lesson learned.

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