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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Money Promotes Greed. Guns Promote Violence

Now that’s a pessimistic viewpoint!  Money and guns are tools. How you use them determines the outcome. It’s no different than a knife. A knife in a kitchen is a tool to cut, dice, and chop food. In a chef’s hand it’s skillfully used to create magnificent dishes. However in threatening situations, it could be used as a means of defense. In the hands of a thief or robber it could be used as a weapon of destruction.  The knife hasn’t changed only the person and situation it’s used in.

Money and guns are no different they are tools. Money in the hands of a generous person only compels the person to be more generous. If you ask people what they would do if they won millions of dollars from the lottery, they say they’ll buy this or that but after that it’s to take care or help out people they know.

Even the people who are currently millionaires give thousands if not millions of dollars to their favorite charities and causes. Sure there are people who are greedy. Unfortunately they are the ones who are spotlighted in the various forms of media while the vast majority of generous people remain private.

The same principle applies to guns. Guns can be used for hunting and protection but the same guns can also be used by robber and thieves in threatening ways. Money, guns and knives are just there. It’s the person behind it who decides how it will be used.

These tools just make you MORE of who you already are. Therefore, if you don’t want to become rich because you think it will make you greedy, ask yourself if you’re already greedy people, if not, go ahead and become rich. Do the amazing things you want with it. It’s just a tool.

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