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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Your Opinion is ALWAYS Right


Now doesn’t that make you feel good about yourself? Perhaps your self esteem just shot up but hold on a moment, everyone else is always right too.

How can that be? Isn’t there only one right answer?

Is it because you have the wisdom of the universe?

Is it because you’re a highly educated person?

Is it because your compassion for social and environmental issues transcends everyone else’s viewpoint?

Hardly! It’s not any of those.

It’s because your opinions are based on your social upbringing, economic situation, education, religion, race, gender, nationality and all the experiences you’re had. The choices you’ve made through life have gone through these filters whether you’re aware of them or not. There’s no way around it. You see life through these lenses, from this perspective.  Therefore, your opinions are formed through the lenses of your life. How could it be wrong then? It’s sifting all the information you have accumulated through these filters and then WA-LAH, your opinion is formed. In your mind it can’t be wrong. It’s understandable then why there can be disagreements about all kinds of issues with other people. Imagine everyone else is doing the same thing you’re doing, hearing and gathering the same information yet they come up with a different conclusion.

How is that possible? Now you know.

Be conscious of this scenario when you find yourself at odds with others. Everyone else has their own filters that information goes through. It doesn’t mean it’s wrong, it just means it’s different.

When I find myself at odds I’m always curious to find out how the person came up with a different conclusion. It usually comes down to the filters they’ve ran the information through while forming their opinion.

Bottom line - Give the other guy a break, his opinion is valid and right too from his perspective.

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