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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Living the Glory Days


Are you living in the glory days, the memories of when you did this or that and it was a great experience in your life? Or perhaps you’re always bringing up the “should have”, “could have”, if only your past had been different.  Are you blaming others for you present situation because you’re not happy with it?

There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing about the good times as long as you don’t stay there. That’s the problem with both of these scenarios. Both are referring to the past one in a fond way and the other in a negative way. What’s good is that there is awareness about it. The problem is when you stay there.

As the Deli Lama says, there’s only place to be concerned about and the past isn’t one of them. The past is gone and there is nothing you can do about it. The future hasn’t arrived so there’s no sense in worrying about it. The only control you have is over the present. Now there is where things happen.

When you’re always thinking about the past that’s where your mind stays. Therefore it’s unable to make a better future. It’s what you do in the present that forms your future. If you want a new car start taking some kind of action on it today, do some research, ask friends, check out your money situation. You won’t be buying it today but you’ve already set the wheels in motion. Tomorrow or in a few days find out more information. Take some more action. Come up with a game plan to make it happen. Work the plan. Day by day you’ll be closer to your goal. Remember to stay focused on what you can do today. If you can’t do anything today then perhaps tomorrow or the next day you can take another action.

Living in the past isn’t going to get you anywhere only by living in the present moment can you affect change you wish to see in your life.

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