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Monday, July 8, 2013

Got to be something MORE!

“I need a little less hard time. I need a little more bliss”

I love those lyrics from that Sugarland song. Who wouldn’t want more bliss? The phrase could mean just about anything, more physical, emotional, spiritual bliss. Take your pick. Enough of all the hard work, life has got to be easier than this and I’m going to get me some.

I initially thought this would be a good song for someone retiring but then I realized there are those who retire to enjoy the rest of their life while the song suggest there’s got be something more to life than just work and then play. To me it suggests searching for a deeper meaning to life.

You can get that now when you know who you are because then you know what to do.  Sadly, most people spend their time looking “out there” for their happiness when happiness resides inside.  It’s a state of mind.

When you know who you are you are able to create and design the life and work that will bring you the most satisfaction. It empowers you. It makes you come alive and that would be your “something more”.  

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