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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Violence is NEVER the answer

You always know when a person or group is losing an argument when they must resort first to yelling and name calling, second comes the pushing, and shoving until eventually it boils over into a full out act of violence. What happened? The people involved couldn’t control their emotions. That’s not a good example of maturity.

The Women’s March has such a convoluted and mish mash of mixed messages. It’s better to stay on point with a single message. Instead the media gave more attention to the swearing, vulgarity, and violence than the message the protesters wanted to convey.  In the process their message was a side item and made women look like the stereotypical unhinged emotional women on PMS.
Milo Yiannopaulos, I never heard of the guy until it was reported that protesters had blocked entrances and had become violent. Again, it was the violence and property damage that was reported instead of the protesters message. Thanks to them I now find myself watching Milo’s videos to find out what was so disturbing about him. I don’t think that was the protesters intention. I get it. You don’t like his message but was violence the answer? Was destruction of property, which is paid for with tax dollars which includes the protesters parents, the answer. I wonder how much tuition is going to go up now for future students because of their actions
History has proven that Gandhi and MLK were more successful with their peaceful protests. Mother Teresa understood the Law of Attraction. She’d walk for peace but not to protest a war. Do you understand the difference? Where attention goes energy flows. By marching for peace, the attention is on peace versus for war. The Law of Attraction is very powerful that’s why some 10 religions have various versions of it.

There seems to be quite a few people who insist on resisting the new administration instead of trying to make it work. What are they making more important? I’d say they’re viewpoint and opinions are more important than solving the issues they claim are important to them. When you find yourself in a situation you’re unhappy about, in this case criticizing everything in this administration, you have only three courses of action; 1) Become part of the solution 2) Leave the situation 3) Put up with it. Notice violence isn’t part of the actions.

So why are people turning to violence instead of accepting reality and working within it? Good question. Personally, I don’t understand the logic in that. It’s as if they’ll stop at nothing to get their way. Is that really helping the country? Does that mean for four years all they’re going to do is resist? Where will our country be then, nowhere, because there is no negotiating with violence. They can work within it, which would help the country plus give them respect, or they can choose to resist. The choice is theirs. 

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