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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Goose and the Horse

The Goose and the Horse

Once upon a time, there was a goose who was plucking grass in a lush green meadow. In the course of her plucking, a horse came along and started feeding nearby. The goose was offended by the horse's actions, and proceeded to put him in his place, saying…

"I am, without a doubt, a more distinguished and complete animal than you, because your body is only good for one thing.

I, on the other hand, have the power to move on the land just as you can; not to mention that I am able to soar above your head as I please; and when I am in need of a bath I can refresh myself in the cool waters of ponds and lakes. 

I can be a bird, fish and land beast depending on my mood."

Upon hearing this, the horse snorted and neighed as though hearing a good joke. He replied, "It's true that you are perfectly ABLE to function in all three elements, but you aren't naturally gifted in any one of them.

You can fly, but you are so heavy and awkward that you could never rival the lark or the swallow for gracefulness.

You can swim on the surface of water, but you cannot survive underwater and glide as smoothly as a fish can; nor can you find your food beneath the waves."

And when you walk, oh… when you waddle your way around, with your flat feet and your long neck sticking out like a sore thumb, hissing and spitting at every other beast, you are truly a laughingstock among the land dwellers.

I admit that I am only able to move on land; but how graceful I am in my element! How well-built are my legs for my purpose! How powerful my entire body! How magnificent my strength! How blazing my speed.

I would much rather be only FOCUSED on one element, and be a GREAT FORCE in that, than be a goose in all!"


So what do you think is the message in this story?

My take is that you should be thankful and appreciate what you’re naturally gifted in. You will always find someone else that is better at something more than you but it doesn’t diminish the blend of talents that you possess.

Any other thoughts?

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