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Friday, April 14, 2017

All You Need is Love

Boy the Beetles sure did get that right. It’s such a simple phrase yet behind it lies so much meaning.

Let’s break it down. It’s like happiness in that when all the expectations you may have for someone else or yourself doesn’t come through, if you’re still happy, in the end isn’t that all that matters?

To really to the jest of it let’s look at from a devastation point of view. A family has lost everything they have for from war, theft, natural disaster, or fire. I mean everything. All their material possessions are scattered, burned, stolen even their clothes are gone. They have no food or even utensils to make it if they did. No home, just the clothes on their backs. And yet they manage to carry on surviving. They take care of each other. Some would call it faith. When the outlook is so dire where do you go? You go inward to your heart and soul looking for the strength to pull you through. Amazingly with much searching you realize you have everything you need, the love of your family and friends. It’s a strong bond that gives you hope and pulls you through.

Now you don’t have to find yourself in such a crisis to have the same experience. People who go through drug addiction, abuse or a bad marriage can also drag you down to where you have little hope. However, just like the other examples you need to look within for the love that exists in all of us. Look around at all the people willing to help. That’s others showing their love.
Love, it’s the four-letter word to move you forward, calm your emotions, and ultimately pull you through. In the quiet still voice within is the Creator reminding you to love yourself because you’re worth it. The Creator doesn’t make mistakes. He gives you opportunities to grow. It may not appear so at first but in the spiritual world making it through the hard times pays dividends.

In the end love is all we need. 

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