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Monday, October 26, 2015

The Government Doesn’t Owe You a Thing

The Government Doesn’t Owe You a Thing

“My boss owes me. Work owes me. The government owes me. You own me.” Where does this entitlement mentality come from?

It’s looking for others to fill a void, to make the person feel good about himself.  For some reason he feels he has been wronged and wants others to give him, in his own mind, his just reward, payback, to make life fair again, to even the score. 

The problem is there is not enough money, time, possessions, education, or love to satisfy this person because he’ll NEVER be satisfied. As soon as one thing is catered to he’ll either complain that it’s not quite up to par or too late in coming. He’ll then focus on other things that he still hasn’t been compensated for.  It’s a never-ending cycle of unfilled expectations.  The entitlement mentality continues and the only way to remedy it is to go to the source. The answer, the fulfillment, lies within.

No one else can make him happy about his current situation but himself.  He created his life and he has the freedom to make the choices to change it. He can’t change the past because it’s over and done with.  He needs to accept whatever happened in the past because it has made him who he is today. Does he want to change that?  If so, then change it.  It doesn’t happen overnight but takes a conscious effort to make choices that will eventually lead to his desired outcome.

The entitlement attitude comes from not wanting to take responsibility for what has happened in his life.  It’s so much easier to blame someone or something else for his obstacles.  The focus then is not on him but on anything else.  He then gets to feel good about himself because in his mind it’s someone else’s fault.  However, the longer he continues to believe that the cause of his shortcomings are someone else’s responsibility, the longer it will take for him to make the choices that will eventually bring him the happiness and love he so desperately is seeking.  

You see, the “feel good” feeling he craves isn’t given to him by someone else but is something he gives himself.  When he can empower himself to take charge and create his life as he wishes instead of allowing himself to be a victim, the happier he will be.

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