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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Will You Validate My Life?

That’s basically what groups in society are saying when they’re pressing the rest of society to accept them the way they are through bullying tactics, name calling, demonstrations, protests and the media.

They want to be accepted and feel they won’t be accepted until procedures, laws and society’s perception has changed to their liking. The sad part is NO ONE can give them that. No law will change it. No speech. No educational informative talk. It’s an elusive battle because even if laws are changed it doesn’t mean the whole of society’s heart and soul will change with it.

It’s a losing battle because acceptance comes from within not from the outside. Those who accept themselves exhibit a quiet confidence, knowingness, security and ultimately self-love for who they are.

It’s not important what others think of them only what they think of themselves. They don’t have to make noise by pushing their agenda onto anyone else because they know that no matter what they’re okay with themselves just the way they are.  

They don’t need anyone else’s permission to be who you are. They validate it on their own.

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