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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Celebrate Jesus’ Life, Not Death

Even when I was a young girl in church I thought it was a bit morbid to put so much emphasis on Jesus crucifixion. It just didn’t seem right but my young mind couldn’t articulate why. Now as an adult who has expanded her realm of spiritual understanding, I can.

I compare going through the Stations of the Cross to modern times. What if instead of remembering how your family friend or relative lived you focused on the stages of his last few months of cancer treatment? Each radiation treatment was documented with pictures and when the person passed you focused on the loved ones last few days. How depressing that would be. Here a vibrant person with a hearty laugh and quick smile passed on and you focused on his last few months instead of the 50 plus years the person lived as if it had no meaning. I think not. It just wouldn’t happen.

When my grandpa passed from cancer my Mom didn’t want the pictures of him when he was sick. No, she wanted the pictures of the Dad she remembered, the one with the kind smile and soft eyes. The healthy, full of life kind of guy she grew up knowing.

How we celebrate Jesus should be the same way. He taught many lessons through his words and examples in his short life. That is what we should focus on, a way of navigating life on this planet, a way of being. That is what we should celebrate, life!

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