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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Take a Stand or Fall for Anything

This is a shorten version of the quote; “If you don’t take a stand for something you’ll fall for anything?
This is such a true statement. When you aren’t clear about your values and position on an issue you’ll experiment with it to form an opinion. However, you might also find yourself down a road of destruction in the process and unable to recover.
Take for example smoking, sex, drugs, health and freedom. If you don’t know where you stand on these issues you’ll likely fall into smoking to “try” it out. The same goes for sex and drugs. If chastity isn’t important to you or you haven’t formed an opinion you’ll likely have sex with many partners along the way with the chance of an unwanted pregnancy or STD’s for your lack of stance.
If you don’t take a stand on your freedom of speech, it can be easily taken away. It won’t happen in one fell swoop but bit by bit it can be chipped away until one day you realize you can’t express yourself as you would like because it might offend someone or your privacy is compromised. Now it’s too late or harder to fix it.
Parents are tasked with teaching their children values through education and example. However there are so many influences out there that can trump the parent’s efforts. Besides kids think their parents are old fashioned and don’t’ know anything anyway. Wrong!
As you age you may dispel some of the values they taught but it was a good foundation to start you out with.  They teach you these things because it’s a formula that has worked well through the years.
By knowing yourself well enough, by knowing what you stand for, the decisions and choices in your life become easier to make because you know what you stand for. You won’t fall for anything.

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