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Friday, January 17, 2014

Why is This Happening to me?

Isn't that what we say when something isn't going right? My horoscope said the other day that basically everything was going as it should and that I should not be surprised by this. Everything was happening for me instead of to me and if I really looked at my life, this is how it's always been. This got me to thinking about the wording of that sentence, for me instead of to me.

"For me" says this is for my benefit no matter what situation I may be in. It's something I need to learn so that I can move forward with my own personal growth. Also, by using the word "for" it makes it sound like a gift as in the universe is giving me this obstacle because it wants me to benefit from the ordeal.

It's all a matter of perception when an ordeal, situation, or obstacle is thrust upon you. How will you react to it? Get angry, cry, or blame someone else. What can you do to control it? You can only control your reaction to it. Therefore take it for what it is, a learning experience. You see, if you already learned from it, it wouldn't have happened. The question to ask yourself then is, "What can I learn from this? What can I take away from this experience to ensure that it doesn't happen again?

To ask why something is happening to you is to take the role of the victim and then you're headed down the road of dome and gloom and that's not a pretty place to go. No one likes to go there but somehow at times we find ourselves at the pity party. It's a boring party. The only other guests are just like you wallowing in their own despair. Get out while you can by taking ownership of your life by asking what you can learn from life's hurdles. Once you realize that by taking responsibility for your life's ups and downs, then you will become an empowered individual. It's all happening for your benefit and that goes for all the good stuff too.

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