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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

GOP Children Should Die

I’m appalled! Recently there were two incidences by two different politicians whereby they wished ill will on other politician’s children simply because they disagreed on the issues. Apparently ONLY people who are of them same mindset has value and deserves kindness, respect and compassion. When you say that you wish ill will on others it makes you no better, and in my opinion, worse than the person you are referring to.

There’s a religious ideology, and some are saying it’s a political ideology, that specifically promotes killing off people who don’t agree with their beliefs. How is what those two politicians said any different?

When you’re upset that someone holds a different viewpoint it’s a sure sign of 1) Insecurity. When you’re confident in your position, you have no need to get emotional about disagreements. 2) Arrogant. You’ve put your ideas and viewpoint above others. It’s more important to be RIGHT than to listen, comprehend and reach consensus. 3) Lack of maturity. In a civilized and free society everyone’s opinion is valued. To dismiss someone’s viewpoint without listening to it is saying their position has no merit or value. Be careful here because what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow therefore, if you want people to listen to and value your input, you MUST also show them the same respect. It’s common courtesy.

One last final note, what you see in others exists in you. It’s true. Be honest with yourself and try it.

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