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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What Stops You From Moving Forward?

It can all be summed up in a four letter word. F..E..A..R. It’s the true culprit behind every regret, indecision and inaction. It shows up in name calling, foul language and judgment. Often times it masks itself behind other nasty emotions such as anger, mistrust and worry.

The inappropriate need to be in control is fear-based. If the anger is coming from a feeling of not being in control, then the fear is a feeling that you are being controlled by someone or something outside yourself, which is not actually possible! Fear and judgment create separation.

You may want to ask yourself what you are afraid of. “What am I afraid of most: not being enough, not doing enough, or not having enough?” Then ask yourself, “What is it that I am not being, am not doing, or don’t have?” It’s a good idea to write down the answer so that you can more easily find a solution and take action.

If fear keeps you from moving forward than what would make it much easier?

You must learn to trust your abilities and decisions. Trust is basically having the confidence and reliance on good qualities especially fairness, truth, honor and abilities.  When abundance and trust are present in every area of your life, fear is absent.  It has no home to reside in. When the fear is over, a sense of release or euphoria is experienced. I’m sure you’ve experienced a time in your life when the worst scenario engulfed your life only to experience an emotional sigh of relief when your worst fears were found to be untrue.

The key to clearing fear is to feel the fear and do it anyway. It’ll always be there but it doesn’t have to rule your life. If that were that case, many of our highest achievers would not have accomplished what they did. Acknowledge the fear is your conscious mind talking you out of what you really want to do. Make the decision to go ahead anyway. Set your goal and continue to take forward-moving action on your goal.  

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