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Monday, November 21, 2011

Where’s the Reset Button?

Ever have those days when things just aren’t going right and you wish you could start all over? I’m giving you permission to do just that.  Push the reset button.

Of course sometime you may need a total shut down and reboot.  However, it’s much better to do one of those versus pushing the escape button.  By escaping you’re not dealing with what’s going on and what you could learn from it.  The restart and reboot buttons say you know something isn’t right but you’re willing to meet the obstacles head on with new direction, determination and focus.  It’s about taking the negative out of the situation and turning it around into a positive one.

We all need to have a reset button. The problem comes when you either don’t recognize it or don’t create the space to allow your mental and emotional state to deal with it. When something isn’t working for you – restart.  Who says you have to continue on in that capacity anyway, no one?  It’s just you plugging away hoping things will get better if you keep keeping on.  Instead stop, take a deep breath and remind yourself of what makes you great.  Once you’ve got that “feel good” feeling back go back to what you were doing.  If you’re having trouble with that you may need to have a conversation with someone who knows you well enough to get you back into that space.

Okay, your system has been reset.  Go be the talented, amazing, fun loving person you are.  

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