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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What do George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Elizabeth Taylor have in common?

No they weren’t all in a movie together. They all donate their time, money, and energy to global issues.

Have you ever noticed that celebrities, in general, are very compassionate people?

Within the 12 Core Passions that everyone possess there is compassion. Unlike the passion Service that seeks to serve others on a community level, Compassion is the strong desire to serve on a global level. It shows up in areas like world hunger, saving the rainforests and environmental issues.

Typically a person will take care of themselves before they take care of others. That means when they are financially stable they have no problem helping others. However, for someone who rates high in Compassion that is not a factor. They will give of themselves freely and to others before themselves. For them there is a driving force that compels them to serve. It does something for them. They get something out of it. The reward may be a simple thank you, a smile on someone’s face, or a tender embrace.

The rest of us need a little push, or to say it better, we need to be inspired to serve. Everyone has these buttons that can be pushed to ignite them to action. The secret is in knowing what to say or do to ignite the action that you seek.

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